Severe weekdays of Nepali women

Despite the fact that the government of Nepal is trying to escape from traditional remnants the majority of the country’s population lives keeping the ancient foundations. An example of this is Chhaupadi, a tradition in which a woman is isolated from society during menstruation. In the traditional sense of this ritual girls and women leave the house during their period and move to sheds, caves or special booths designed for one person. For a week they have no right to touch people, eat milk and meat products, as well as to visit public places and wash their body parts from a common source of water. All this is caused by a superstition about untouchability of a woman during this period because if she touches a tree, it will cease to bear fruit, if she touches a cow, she will stop giving milk, and if Nepali woman touches another person, he/she will fall ill.

Such actions lead to the fact that some of Nepali women die from hypothermia, snake bites and wild animals as well as from diseases and other causes caused by the complete helplessness of women during this period. In 2005 Nepal government legally banned the practice of this ritual but Chhaupadi is so firmly entrenched in the lives of Nepalese people that even in the Kathmandu valley, which is the most developed area of Nepal, people continue to adhere to this tradition. Read also: Typical characteristics of Nepali woman

To protect people from the “untouchability” of a woman, all information about her physical condition should be known to society. Pretty personal information, is not it?  In Kathmandu valley a woman does not go to live in a barn and does not refuse to eat with other family members during her period – this is practiced in less developed areas, nevertheless, even here woman is not allowed to cook, participate in religious rituals or even touch people. If you are foreigner in Nepal and you first observe this weird tradition it is hard to get used to it and often you don’t even know how to react properly. All these superstitions have firmly settled in the life of Nepal, however in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, Chhaupadi is not practiced as the capital makes any isolation impossible, blurring the boundaries of superstition. So, if you would like to get acquainted with nice Nepali girls and don’t to be afraid react normally and naturally it is better to start your dating Nepal journey in the capital of the country.

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