Serbian woman gets perfect match to be American wife

In terms of searching American husband many women from different countries and nationalities compete with each other and someone gets success and someone’s dreams get broken and unfulfilled. Serbian women also take part in this competition, but they take this part on special conditions. We slightly moved to the section where American men are described as some kind of prize. For some women it is a prize, as he gives a chance to get American visa, to live in the USA and many advantages closely connected with this all. But such women are cold gold diggers and they are interested not in man particularly, but in his money. What about men who are looking for overseas beauties? They are paying the same coin – trying to exchange their money, citizenship, social status into attention and life with overseas beauty. Could such relations be called sincere? Of course, no. There is mutual interest, but no mutual feelings. So, such couples do not interest us from both sides – American and Serbian.

We prefer to talk about those Serbian women who married American man, but not on purpose, not because of they were looking for him, but situations where it either happened accidentally by sudden meeting or where motivation was coming from American man, but was like natural man’s approach with trying to interest girl, flirt, wooing etc. Read also: Family traditions in Serbia

Serbian women are good mating match for Americans who would like to create traditional family. They are non emancipated, family oriented; position themselves as great housewives, caring mother. I wonder that except for work they come back home and still do this ton of housework like cleaning, doing dishes, laundry etc. and remain energetic, positive and take it all for granted. Which man would refuse to have such a wife? And I forgot to remind once more about genuine beauty of Serbian women, their mild and soft character, intelligence, stylish elegant clothes and slim, typical for Slavic women figure which expresses and emphasizes their advantages. Read also: Differences of Serbian and American women

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