Serbian man and woman: dating and life peculiarities

Serbian nice girls often confuse minds of many men all over the globe. They possess all beautiful features of Slavic genes and Balkan identity and this all has influenced how Serbian look and behave now. As for the behavior and traditions everyone must understand the time Serbs were 10 years ago and now are different. Western culture has brought great impact on Serbian behavior, beliefs and attitude to life, dating and marriage. Young Serbs are very different than their parents and grandparents, I mean in the way of general values, goals and priorities. That is why it is common now that Serbian women dating Americans, Italians, British and men of other countries. It is normal and process of world globalization has touched Serbia as well. The country is trying to integrate with European Union and if that happens, all the processes and mixture of Serbian blood is inevitable. In this case not foreign fiancés would visit Serbia, but as it would be no visa needed for Serbians, Serbian women will go abroad for work and studying, meet foreign boyfriends who would be potential husband in the future.

There would be no such a strong need in Serbian dating service, as Serbian women would visit United Kingdom, Germany and other countries and it would be easier to contact them no visiting Serbia. Must say for the quality of relations and result it would be much better than now. Because now, if foreigner would like to find Serbian woman for marriage or just to chat with Serbian girl, he has to choose from tones of matchmaking websites, where girls are fakes and not even Serbian. If you are writing letters to such a girl, she might be a man in reality, who writes letters from the other side of the monitor in Serbia. And in case of visa-free Serbia, such pretties would visit your country and you may find ways to get acquainted with them in your home country. Of course, if you are serious in your intentions and not just thinking of how to get Serbian girl in the bed. If this is your only aim, then you do not need a lot of recommendations, just visit Serbia and find appropriate girl, who are in every country.

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In many articles we have already gave some information and points of stereotypical wives on Serbian men and they are not the best. But, according to the information, provided above, the times are changing greatly and Serbian men with the influence of West are changing as well. In order not to lose their women and to compete with western men, not on purpose, but with the wish of self-help and self-improvement they are changing, help their wives about the house, divide responsibilities. And here we can have long talks about masculinity of the man and his natural ability to bring prey home. Nowadays wife sometimes earns more than a husband and even if the balance between man and woman is broken, the things are like that and all we can do is just to state the fact Serbian men with every day become more like their Western colleagues. The only thing that makes the difference is that income of average Serbian man is much lower than the income of an average westerner.

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