Russian women are also emancipated: how to make the right choice?

Foreigners often take these submissive wives from East and enjoy their lives. They take them not for the great love, but for convenience. And with Russian woman this trick does not work and those foreigners who are guided by the principle to get their hands on a submissive slave are cruelly disappointed. They are constantly arguing that their western wives are very emancipated, but they have no idea that the emancipation actually came to the Soviet Union much earlier than to Europe.

Already in 30’s, soviet woman had to work hard in all those numerous kindergartens and nurseries; women occupied leadership positions in many professions. Russian woman for life commanded her husband and children and controlled ALL money in the family.

Germans often ask about Russian women; many are interested in some affairs with Russian women and ask about attitude of Russian women towards housework, money, etc. European women love to emphasize their employment and instead they demand from husbands things like washing dishes, boiling dinner and washing the windows. Honestly, Russian woman may cook dinner well and wash the windows, and even whitewash-paint, but she needs to control family money, as that is how Russian woman was raised up. This is always very disappointing to hear to foreigners. But this is the main reason due to which international marriages often give a crack.

Russians were accustomed in Soviet times if man has wallet with him in his pocket, everyone would look at him with disdain. When Russian man brings salary, he puts it in the locker and only the wife has the right to take it from there. Western men would not give their money so easy. Average western man would say:

– Go earn yourself!

That’s why European women make their men to do things around the house, such as washing and cleaning, men suffer, do all the work, but do not give their money.

Divorces in the West are not as rosy as it may seem, especially in Europe. But at the same time it does not mean that after divorce man would be suited to pay huge alimony, not at all. There are many divorced men in Europe but they know their rights well and they often equalize men and women’s rights.

Expression that only losers from West marry Russian women, of course, is not true. Different sorts of EU men marry Russian. There are very successful men who married Russian women. For example, one Englishman and Russian woman have already given birth to 4 children, they are rich and he is handsome man, they have good kids and all is great. I knew another couple, he is descent man, they have two children, but she has just left him because she was bored with him. They lived for more than 8 years together. He suffered and he still loves her and children, but she just did not have enough “spices” in a relationship.

In today’s world everything is mixed so quickly. People are very much in contact with each other, the princesses also marry foreigners and are satisfied. Prince William Alexander is married to woman from Argentine, Danish prince is married to Australian, Prince of Monaco is married to South African woman, the Prince of Belgium is married to woman with Polish roots. And so, there are so many mixed marriages we do not know about.

Of course, every family has its secrets in the closet, but foreigners are taking and will take Russian women as wives, not because local girls are scary, as there are all sorts of beautiful women in West as well. But in today’s society, where families break up with the speed of bullet men are often disappointed in relations with compatriots and hoping to find a certain ideal in Russian woman.

It often happens that a peasant has internet, writes a message and finds his wife with a higher education. Of course such marriages are rarely successful. Although, there is one nice example. Woman is from small Russian village and even though she has Russian University diploma she digs up potatoes with her foreign husband and they both are the happiest people in the whole world. I am sure she was digging potatoes at home in Russia as well, so it is not new experience to her.

And yet, the main question why foreigners are getting married on Russian remains open. Well, maybe some can not find anyone in their country? Of course, they can, but the main reason is that Russia remains a mysterious country to foreigners and it is not denied. All Russian seem unusual, fabulous and somehow very special to them. Russian women think that foreigners are also special: they eat in a special way, talk differently and even smell differently. Something imported, not available to everyone attracts these different characters to each other.

Russian women are married to foreigners with lower intelligence, and to those who are much older, and to widowers, and to people with mental diseases. My husband is a foreigner… She is proud to say it to her friends and is happy to be a married woman. Just for no reason many people in Russia think that life in the West is like paradise. It is very difficult to generalize. Some Russian women will have to endure unbearable nature of her husband, his wacky behavior, rudeness; to some husband would be as a friend; some would be even beaten; some would live in the palace and travel the world with rich husband and do not care about the tomorrow day. But all these women until the last minute of their lives will oppress feeling that were unable to explain in their own language and told him how they love or hate him and they would never really tell what they really think about him.

And he would always or almost always think whether he did the right chose, as there were plenty of other beautiful women.

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