Russian girls: what foreign guys think of them?

Dating sites are full of advertisements that provided a foreigner takes Russian girl for a wife and even if she has children. For many foreign brides Russian women are very attractive. Why Russian women are so attractive and what special qualities they have? What is she, a Russian woman in the eyes of a foreigner? That is exactly what we are trying to find out in this article.

In the resorts of Italy and Spain Russian speech already drowns local dialects. In Turkey and Egypt, Russian and Ukrainian shave almost completely replaced the Germans and Italians.

In any case, the latter prefer to relax in the hotels destined for their fellow citizens e.g. Germans with Germans, Italians – with the Italians.

For many foreigners Russian women are very attractive. Foreign men dream to have an affair with Russian beauties; some later admitted that fleeting holiday romance became almost the most vivid adventure in their lives. Some foreigners with bitter experience, on the contrary, are afraid of Russian as of fire.

At the resorts Russian women are allocated with grooming, brightness, showiness and the discrepancy of dress by place and time. Only our Russian girl can go down to the pool after breakfast in sandals on heels and evening makeup. Only Russian women tourists, going on a trip to the mountains or ancient ruins, will wear mini skirts and high heels, so finally they could not get off the bus.

Russian women from different parts of Russia, after having free buffet will impose three full plates of food, do not knowing the measure in alcohol, singing songs, where they “got covered” by alcohol. Russian women love to complain foreigners about their harsh life reality, that they keep the house and raise children, and her husband is an alcoholic for many years does not work and spent all the money on drinks, but she can not throw him out, because children need at least some father.

Young Russian girls every day out on the street like on the podium: perfect hairstyle, makeup, best clothes put on, manicure, pedicure, perfume and does not matter whether she is going to the supermarket to buy toilet paper or goes shopping. The length of the route does not matter also, is it around the corner from the house, across the street or she is going to visit all over all the planned stores.

So what foreigners think? How do they see Russian girls?

Russian girls are absolutely crazy, if they decided to titt up, it is for a long time and to the fullest. They do not know measures in anything neither in alcohol nor in love. Russian women know their own worth, anyway, the ones from Moscow, for sure. Of course, money play a primary role to them. And they are currently looking for a husband with an apartment, car and bank account. Russian women dream to go abroad because they think that there is better than in Russia. Men are richer and air is cleaner and houses are all with a beautiful garden. Wonderful hostess, but uneconomical. Love to rule the men, bring up children very strictly, usually are non punctual, optional and capricious.

Russian girls abroad are very similar: both in appearance and in the manner of talking about the future, and in fact by men they choose themselves. They are looked down upon on their peers, unless it turns out that they have respectable parents. Men themselves choose to 7-10-15-20 years older, it is clear that all is explained by the money. Russian girls are beautiful, but cold and very calculating.

Russian girls are very interesting and educated interlocutors, ready to support just any topic of conversation. Russian ladies really love themselves, so they always are elegant and beautifully dressed and made up. Russian women are smart and beautiful, know how to highlight their strengths and hide weaknesses. Russian women are strong in spirit, many are ready to go for the sake of love and family, willing to forgive a lot, but are very vulnerable and sensitive. Real women, the standard of femininity.

Russian women are very feminine and luxurious. These women want to be coddled, dress in furs and do the many wish. Unlike French women, they are more liberated in the relationship, often find themselves taking the first steps, touchy, but forgive fast, it is fun and easy with them and every day is as a holiday. However, this holiday does not last long, Russians are unstable.

Russian girls are painted like nesting dolls. But many of them are scammers. It often happen that foreigner sent her money, but she did not come for the date. Nice and smart Russian women are as hard to conquer as any other beautiful girl in the world.

Must say, many men, many minds. Foreign males judge Russian girls, mostly by those whom they knew personally, whom he met on holiday or working. In any case, all agree that Russian girls are very beautiful and feminine, fun and stylish, good mistress, and the demand for Russian women abroad increases every year.

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