Rules to keep when started dating Belarusian woman

Knowledge of proper behavior is your key to success with Belarusian girl. Unfortunately, many foreign guys forget to keep necessary balance in relations with Belarusian girl and they get the opposite effect from their at first look “correct” and “right” deeds. Key to real relationships with Belarusian girl lies in understanding of Belarusian woman’s psychology and if you are able to “read your girl” you are on the roll. How to find out this hidden and often non-vivid for foreigner aspects of Belarusian woman’s character?

First of all it is important to understand that Belarusian girls are obedient. They are waiting leadership behavior from their man no matter what status he is for her: husband, boyfriend, lover. Belarusian girl willingly adopts and recognizes men’s authority and is ready to take “the second” role in the family. She is ready to cook, to do housework, to take care about the children assuming that husband is earning money and brings larger part of the income at home at the same time average Belarusian woman also works, but except for work she does all the house duties alone while husband could bring not that big income and spend time drinking beer in the garage with “colleagues”.

And now imagine here comes you with your western understanding of the world and women. You usually treat woman equal and Belarusian girl gets confused. She is in new for her role where husband cooks and helps her do the dirty dishes, where husband is caring about her feelings and her personality. She is actually pleasantly shocked, but it would not last forever. She quickly gets used to such behavior and gets misbalance as it is not like she lived before. She doesn’t know what to do with lack of free time and your money bring her possibility for new ideas, not always very good ones. Some women starts openly demonstrate their superiority, wellness and status in front of other relatively more poor compatriots. Some women start drinking. This is just an example how woman could lose control over herself as such sudden uncontrolled “freedom” and surplus of attention might become bad option for her.

You also have to take into consideration that subconsciously Belarusian woman expects leader man nearby. She would be pleased with your attention, help and care, she would take your presents and live luxurious life, but would look for something more. Her instinct tells her to look for leader and if you do not show who is the head in the family you are under the risk she would find someone on the side. Such a “real man” they like to call them in Belarus. Of course, I don’t want to say all women in Belarus are like than – they are all different and many of them are devoted and carrying wives, but still there is such a risk.

Most of written here so far is concerning marriage with Belarusian girl, but it also applies to dating female representative from Belarus. It is very important to consolidate right type of leadership behavior when you just start dating Belarusian woman. What are the main hints of such “correct” man’s behavior?

You have to lead the situation – all the time and everywhere. If it is walk during warm summer time – take her hand first and start walking first. See cozy café on the way – take her hand and propose to drink coffee or tea there. Pay the bill for her – in Belarus in is THE ONLY way of RIGHT behavior when you are on the date. Man ALWAYS pays for woman. Otherwise she would consider you greedy, non gentleman and would find someone else.

If you decide to go abroad for a tour or to have rest on the sea with Belarusian girlfriend – ask her about her opinion, but you choose the place and your decision is the main and the last.

Make her compliments as Belarusian girls like to hear them especially according to the fact locals almost never make them to their pretty women.

If you make some expensive present – do it not often. For example – new iPhone should be presented on the Birthday, but not on the second date. It is necessary to make a present on 8th of March – actually, it is DEMAND, otherwise you would get minus 1000 to your karma and such an offence you would never think about. The 8th of March is considered Women’s Day in Belarus when woman is on the throne (1 day per year!) and she may not do anything, just to have rest. Flowers are also demand on the 8th of March even if you have a present.

I recommend bring your Belarusian girl flowers for no reason, for example, on Tuesday and 6 in the evening when you are coming back from the store. You will be pleasantly shocked which effect it could bring! Seriously.

Tease her from time to time. Sometimes be too gentle and sometimes little arrogant and ignore her messages and calls replying to your business. Never open all secrets. Always keep the intrigue. It is the game and you have to be the leader.

Always show you are reliable, you do everything on time, promise only if you are able to keep the promise, otherwise – do not promise.

Be confident, even if you sometimes are not. Belarusian girls follow only confident guys who are sure what they want. Even if this wish is non-logical, weird or dangerous.

Make Belarusian girlfriend interested to spend more time with you. Take her to interesting places, propose different trips to make, attractive places to visit etc. Never make her feel bored with you. Make her laugh when it is possible.

Such simple advices would help you to be desirable man for descent Belarusian girl!

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