Rules to follow when Belarusian girl ignores you after successful time together

If the girl ignores you there are few reasons for this. Each reason means something different and according to this reason you have to act in the future. You have to understand that this is either vivid fact or the game, but in any case you have to follow the plan. Emotions here are your enemies, because they are able to make you out of control and you could easily lose stability, make mistakes and forget about followed plan which altogether would make coming back to the starting point much longer or impossible. So, control your emotions. If you feel you are going to write something, make a call or something – isolate yourself. Leave the phone and laptop at home, take the bike and make a long ride outside the town. This would give you time which will help to show what is going on, this would refresh you and make your brain work better, this would calm your emotions down. Now about what are the possible reasons Belarusian girl ignores you and what to do with it.

Before reading the reasons you have to be able to take the truth, whatever it is. To take the truth as the real man. There are things we want to be and there are things that happen not depending on our will and you have to take it. If you are reading this lines probably something is wrong in your relationships with Belarusian girl.

The first reason why Belarusian girl ignoring you is she is not interested in you. Maybe it was one night stand and she did not like it. Maybe she was drunk and she did not know what was going on and today she feels sorry what happened yesterday and is trying to forget it and you are the main person she wants to forget about if to take into account this whole situation. What to do? Nothing. Wait, but not just sit and wait because you will be tempted to write or call her – wait by doing something you need to do or you like to do. If during one day or two she did not write or called you – forget about her. It might be very hard sometimes, but there is no other way out. Accept that and forget about her.

The second reason why Belarusian girl ignores you – she is checking seriousness of your intentions, she is playing with you. This is if you did nothing to insult her earlier. If everything was great and then – bang! And she ignores you. What to do in this case? Wait and not lose. This is the game and you have to be harder than her, to show you have stronger character, to show you are the man. Believe me, she will not wait for longer than one day if you are interesting to her. And she will tell you some stupid reason like she forgot phone at home and went to the village to her grandmother. But you have to do right man’s decision. Tell her that you did not like it. Tell her next time not to do anything like that, otherwise she would lose your trust and without trust any relations are impossible. If she will try to check whether you are serious – ignore her for three days – don’t read the messages, just delete them, don’t write her back, complete ignore. She has to feel how bad she feels without you. When there is a time to bring everything back just tell her you warned her earlier, but actual reason you was very busy and did not have time for her at all. You have to be independent and the girl has to realize that you could happily live without her.

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