Romanian women hunt for British men

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Most of Romanian girls would like to move to United Kingdom for permanent living as not only life standards are higher, but even for the easiest physical work they can get many times higher payment than in Romania. And if it is going about pretty Romanian girls, they rarely would work as physical workers like cleaning houses or work at the farm; they are more eager to find there a British man and marry him in order to get the passport of UK citizen. And so often we have situation when girls from Romania with masters diploma go to UK in search of better life, at first working as waitresses or clean the houses in hope to find job they want according to diploma, but that is possible if you are UK citizen and so UK men become such a ticket to better world.

Many Romanians have friends and relatives who already work or worked in the UK and they tell stories of their own and younger people dream to move to London or any other city in the UK. Many Romanian girls are obsessed with British guys, who come to Bucharest or any other Romanian city. They pay so much attention to British guys, competing with each other that such reaction even scares Brits. Or even if he is not scared he would “use” her and say good bye. Romanian girls very often behave in a slutty way and this is what would always be obstacle on the way to real natural interest of British guys. Maybe British man would pick suck girl, but just for some time, to have fun and spend pleasant time together, but nothing more like serious relations or marriage. How only Romanian girls do not understand that? Or they like to be used in such a way?

Many Romanian girls say they adore how British guys are dressed and how they talk; they say Brits have sexy accent and so on. As for me, they are just trying to use such a guy as a chance to move to UK or at least use his wallet on the weekend. Many girls are sure British cities are so much better than cities in Romania. Well, nothing weird. Many girls in Romania were in hope visa restrictions would disappear and one day and that actually happened. Wow… poor Romanian men are left in Romania and their women all went to the UK. Just kidding…

Some Romanians finish University in their country and go to the UK working at low payee jobs (as for Englishman) because as for Romanians they are well payee.

One more surprising thing to British people who visit Romania is the fact that prices are very low for everything in this country. But remember they seem cheap for you, as you came here with British salary, but Romanians get much less than people in the UK and so they need to have lower prices than in the UK to survive, as it sounds logical. But anyway, average guy from UK is rich man in Romania and girls from this country expect him to be such rich guy. British guys use this in the bars as spending little money they easily get drunk and buying drinks to numerous chicks increase chances to finish evening in bed with some of them. Must warn Romanian chicks are smart and many of them would just use man to have free drinks and some might even steal your money, so be aware, just in case.

All the things described above are understandable as more than half of population in Romania live in complete poverty and most of those people are struggling to pay the bills. The reason for such poverty, as for me, is in laziness of many people and special attitude to life, that is changing within years and moved for better as new generation of young people looks at the world differently. The unemployment rate in Romania is high as well, but even employed people get poor salaries for their work. There are extremely rich people in Romania and very poor people and this gap is big and more common to former Soviet Union countries than to EU countries. As you see, Romania is far from the point to be called paradise. This situation was used by rich and not rich man from prosperous countries to find the girl in Romania. Some were looking for easy going girls to spent sweet time with. Some were looking for young pretty girl for the wife. In addition, many Romanian girls showed that slutty behavior against foreigners (as they were melting only from one word he is “foreigner” and men got that fast.) And now everything is much easier as about 50 thousand Romanian girls go for work to the UK, so it is easy to pick them up in home country, not bothering with visiting Romania. Though, visiting Romania is also nice experience and very cheap, by the way. Those Romanian women who work in the UK are pickier, as they have chance to choose among many British men who pay attention to them. And they attract men because of being pretty. And they know that as well, using it all the time.

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