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Let us imagine one day you came up with idea to marry Romanian girl. You have found out that Romania is a great country to do that because there are many girls who are also eager to marry foreigner from the West. So, Romania is a good spot for what you decided to do. What else you have to know? There are many girls in the night clubs in Romania, but probably that should not interest you as you still decided to marry a girl from Romania but not just to find some girl to have fun with and usually there are not many proper kind girls in Romanian clubs whom you could marry.

You have to be ready to meet many Romanian chicks who would make sweet lies to you saying they love you and so on but in reality they need you to be a sponsor just for one or a few nights. Such girls even would promise to become your wife, but this either would never become truth or such a girl would never be faithful wife. It is not a secret if you started to think out about the best place to look for a wife in Romania, it is better to start looking in the big cities like Bucharest.

How do you think, what is the main reason why Romanian women are waiting for the prince like you from abroad? You are right, it is going about money at first and things like love, faith and true feelings are somewhere far from that. Life in a better country is on the second place but it is also going about money. Such an approach of Romanian women could not be judged strictly as even though country is in European Union the salaries are pretty low as for Europe and girls who are about 25 remember harsh after communist times and their mothers remember poverty during times of the communist dictator regime. Well, yes, if to talk about poverty, Romania is light version of the country of contrasts where rich and poor contrasts are so vivid. Visiting Romania and even before, while using Internet in search of appropriate wife candidate you have to be aware of scammers as there are lots of them not only on the web, but in Romania as well. Be aware of candidates who demand expensive presents or money as the argument to help for the sick relatives. You have to look up for the girl who is doing well in her own country, in Romania in this case, as normal girl who could be a perfect wife would never demand some money or presents; you will have to make an effort to persuade her to move to your country; you will have to conquer her heart at first and then only ask her to move to your country or maybe even you will have to stay for permanent living in Romania, which is not that bad as well, believe me. If you find appropriate candidate for a wife from Romania, such a woman would seem perfect to you as she is very sacrificing to the family and that is a very important fact as well when you are going to build the family.

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Typical appearance of Romanian girl

It is hard to describe Romanian girl with other words as pretty, beautiful, nice and smart and that is a part of the appearance. Many men consider them to be the prettiest in the world as it is truth especially after you have been to Romania at least once; it is possible to “break your eyes” when you are observing them. Romanian culture girl is a type of girl you would never forget even if you see her just once; it is not true they are all dark skinned and having brown eyes; they are different, there are blondes with blue eyes and pale skin as well as gorgeous brunettes with brightly green eyes. Influence of different Balkan cultures has made what Romanian girls are looking now. Pretty face, slim figure and positive attitude to life – that is how I would describe Romanian girls in just a few words. My advice if you decided to communicate with Romanian girl before visiting the country would be as follows: find some girls on Facebook and try to communicate with them; it is great idea taking into consideration the fact most of Romanian girls speak average, but pretty good English. The reaction of Romanian girl to a foreigner who wrote her online would be nice, despite the fact if the foreigner is from Turkey or something like that. Avoid communication with those who would ask you for money online as in most cases they could be potential scammers.

I want to visit Romania in search of girls

If you are grown up and brave enough to visit Romania, than go ahead. I’m just kidding, because it is very nice country to visit, there are no vampires from movies and it is not that mysterious you might think; it is very nice though but it is better to visit big cities as there is nothing much interesting in the big cities and might be to conservative atmosphere in villages. You may find many nice single women in the capital of the state and in the other big cities with developed infrastructure. Of course, there are high chances to find a wife of your dreams in small Romanian towns, but there you would be under attention of locals who could be even aggressive to foreigners, so it is better to avoid night walks in small towns; especially important to avoid places like bars, where you may become a victim of robbers. Rural areas are good to look up for genuine beauty Romanian girls not spoiled by emancipate ideas, but you have to remember it is also very conservative world, with lots of often unpleasant surprises; you may win a lot here but you may come back without nothing feeling even humiliated. On the other hand, Romanian rural communities might be very hospitable and welcoming to foreigners and if you conquer attention of such closed family, their daughter could be perfect wife for you.

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