Role of Austrian women in society and typical Austrian family

Role of Austrian women in society and typical Austrian family

It is believed that the power of the whole world belongs to men. But as it turned out, the stereotypes that men are better leaders and managers are just stereotypes. In fact, the richest countries in the world that have developed economy are ruled by women. Say chance? In history there are no coincidences, there is only a pattern.

We have analyzed who owns the strongest power in Europe and Austria is among other ten countries. In the history of Austria any woman has never become president or prime – minister. But it’s not because of they are not talented politicians. Quite the contrary.

Austrian women have chosen the tactics of “gray cardinal” who can put pressure on government decisions. Recently, they have to change the words of the national anthem, which they felt was discriminatory, the phrase “sons of great Fatherland” replaced by “Homeland daughters and sons of great.” And instead of the expression “choir brothers” in the text written “joyful chorus.”

For gender quotas in force in the country legally, Austria elected to Parliament at least 30% of women. The government of Austria for more than 30% consists of women. Country as well has a number of feminist organizations that cooperate with the authorities.

In 2007, The Ministry of Women’s Affairs was created in Austria. Austria every year improves performance in terms of women in business and leadership positions. There is no doubt that in the near future, Austrian will do anything in order woman become their president.

One can only envy the accuracy and neatness of Austrians. This can be seen even on the clean streets that seemed to wash every day hundreds of hands where you can not see the slightest debris and at every step on the outskirts sidewalks there are trash baskets. Neat houses always look as though they have just repaired and painted again. The whole exterior cleanliness gets into the houses of Austrians. Read also: Austrian women – what are they like: dating Austria girls

If you look at the usual home of the Austrian family, you can see that every thing has even the smallest strictly designated place for it. You can see a lot of things hand made by the owners of the house themselves, and Austrians love to do it all themselves, and even when house owner decides to fix the problem himself, every effort is for his own pleasure, not for savings.

In addition favorite hobby of Austrians are different crafts, they decorate their house with hand made stuff and present them to friends and family. Austrian families who are friends with each other often go to each other’s homes, and then  necessarily give small presents. These gifts include wine or chocolates, or it could be a souvenir made with own hands. In any case, whatever a gift is, the thing required, it should be useful in the house. The most important holidays of the Austrians are considered Christmas and birthday, and these holidays are celebrated with a special scale.

As for the relationship between men and women, we should pay attention to the things of a man in Austria can not achieve romance, candlelit dinners, and even just good behavior, for example, help a woman to bring bags or open the doors.

Austrian men are little rude by nature and gentle behavior is simply unacceptable for most of them. So those women who imagine the tall, beautiful and strong Austrians beside her as a mate, can once and for all forget about romance and about coffee in bed in the morning. However, despite that the Austrians are excellent in marriage, where a woman can feel like beside the stone wall. Austrians are reliable, sensitive and very caring man. For the family they do best, so that their wives and children were always happy and satisfied.

On the other hand, Austrian women are not inclined to romance, because for a long time they are reluctant to marriage, preferring to pursue their careers. Marriage for Austrians is a very serious step and the family is always on the first place. They must be sure to have reliable person near, who could take care of them and family. Even though that now more Austrian families decided not to give birth to more than one child, and some families refuse to have children at all, almost all tied family and marriage for first place.

The desire to marry men and women in Austria varies by age: if a woman is not ready for a serious relationship at the age of 30, man in this age on the contrary feels great desire to get his family and even get at least one child. This is due to the fact that men want a quiet and measured life, escape from everyday worries and concerns in a quiet family haven. While for women it takes to long to finally realize that they also need family and cordial relations with man who will always be there and support her during possible difficult times.

In the Austrian family responsibilities are shared equally, and yet at the same men are excellent cooks, which is nice because many Austrian women do not know how to cook. In addition, men cook better than women who are immediately identified as the main chef in the family.

Women tend to make their career and men do not hinder them, helping with the housework at home and taking responsibilities of women themselves. This applies not only to domestic responsibilities and parenting. It turns out that Austrian women are strong and happy categorical personalities for whom career is more important than native family and they are more tied with their work than family relationships.

To all the qualities Austrians can add their amazing punctuality, which has only this nation. They combined all at once: Austrians can still imperfect nature, which can be set as an example to all others. As mentioned above, the Austrians are very fond of cleanliness and comfort in the house of his trying to keep everything in order. For the arrangement of their house Austrians prepared to pay a lot of money, the main thing that is in their house is always clean, comfortable and beautiful.

With such a serious attitude to family and the family home, one thing can be surprising in the behavior of the Austrians. It is adultery, which is not considered serious violation in Austria and the reason by which the marriage can be terminated. At this point Austria even passed a law under which a betrayal could not be a breach of marital happiness and a major cause to the family disintegration and divorce.

However, despite this social attitude to adultery, numerous polls show that the majority of young people in Austria after the desire to start a family put fidelity to the second place and many simply do not agree with the law of treason. Perhaps after all, such liberal attitude to couple cheating in Austria will disappear and spouses would be more serious about each other’s feelings and their marriage. It is possible that the marriage will come a little earlier than after thirty years.

Their parents Austrians treat with respect. If many countries, children send their elderly parents to nursing homes and sometimes visit them there, but that is unlikely to happen in Austria.