Relationship which started after I used Belarusian dating site

Everyone sometimes needs some attention and care. That’s why we need a partner to live with. Katia lived in a small Belarusian city, worked hard and very rarely allowed herself to relax and have fun. However, the work did not help her, when she had no one to tell her about her experiences in evenings. Being in despair, Katya decided to ask for advice from her friends.

After listening of Katya’s stories her faithful friend Lisa was not surprised at such thoughts:

– I think you just need to find a relationship and a person who will understand you and help you.

– No, I can’t waste my time on useless dating.  When you do your makeup, choose what to wear, and then it turns out that you’ve wasted your time, – complained Katya.

– Do you live in the Stone Age? There are also applications and dating sites. You can communicate with the men you like, without leaving the computer. I’ll show you.

Returning home, Katya diligently filled out the questionnaire, uploaded the photos and began flipping through the men’s questionnaires. For that evening she was written by many men, Catherine felt herself demand and beautiful again. A week has passed. Katya was already on several dates with different guys, however, so far none of them has sunk in the girl’s heart. The guys were funny, smart and interesting, but at home it became clear that there would be no second date. But one day, flipping through the questionnaires, Katya came across a very interesting young man with a smiling face, dark long hair and green eyes. His name was Misha and he was fond of diving, playing and cooking and Katya decided to write to the man first. Having gained courage, she went into a direct messages and typed: “Hello! You have very beautiful photos;) “. Having sent messages, the girl had time to regret many times, turn pale and calm herself with washes, that this is just an online chat. “It’s like I’m 17 again ” – she laughed with herself.

Communication between Katya and Misha was excellent. Young people really found something to talk about and in a few days he called Katya in a new cafe in the city center.

– This is my friends’ cafe, they are designers. Let’s meet there at 7 pm. She quickly responded

– OK see you later

With a little delay, but with a confident gait, Katya approached the entrance to the cafe. Going inside, she immediately noticed Mikhail, who was waving happily at her.

During an interesting conversation, the girl lost track of time. Misha was very courteous and nice guy, told her a lot about his work and friends, and at the end of the meeting he took her home and immediately invited her to a second date.

Two months have passed. Katya and Lisa met after work at their favorite coffee shop. It turns out that Catherine and Michael have been dating for two months and plan to live together. Katya taught Misha to take pictures and sing in karaoke, and the guy showed her new interesting recipes.

– I never thought that thanks to the site I could get to know such a relationship, said Katya

– You know, anybody finds people in completely unexpected places, – responded Lisa

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