Reasons why foreigners like Russian women

It is not a secret that Russian women are among the most coveted brides in the world. A good half of all men’s population of Europe and America dream of marry Russian woman. On international dating sites men from around the world are searching Russian and Ukrainian brides. Foreigners pay fees on dating sites and turn to marriage agencies hoping to meet his Russian “soul mate.” Fortunately or unfortunately, international marriage agencies thrive and prosper for a long time as long as Russian women do not cease to go abroad in search of a more comfortable life.

But why foreigners love Russian women, and what is so “special” about them, what special qualities they have? In this article we will talk about the “typical” qualities that are inherent in the majority of Russian women. Thus, foreigners like Russian women because of the following reasons:

Russian woman are feminine.

Yes, being a woman does not always mean to be feminine. Such example is given by many European women. But Russian women cannot be accused in lack of femininity. Even if Russian girl does not always wear heels and stilettos, she still looks much more feminine on the contrary to many European women. Even if Russian women wear jeans and sneakers, they think about how they look like, do the clothes fit there all on the figure, does it look attractive. Russian women manage to be feminine, even in winter coats and down jackets. It is a national trait of Russian women!

Russian women take care of themselves.

Foreigners love Russian women because they take care of themselves and try to look attractive all the time. Russian women prefer to apply makeup, even if they just go for a walk. Of course, sometimes it is too much, and there should be less space for appearance problems. But desire of Russian women to look attractive everywhere and always this is what attracts foreign men.

Russian women are more caring.

Of course, the needs and desires of men should not be in first place. This is not right at all, but the attention and care are pleasing to any man. In this regard, Russian men are spoiled. Foreigners love Russian girls and women, because they know how to take care of the man. This does not mean chasing a man every second, but some concern is always pleasing to even the most brutal man. European women do not consider it as the duty to worry about a man, but Russian women are not only still able to do it, but are willing to take sweet care of beloved man. Foreign women are not very picky when it is going about feelings of men. Therefore, foreigners are looking for this concern in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

Russian women want to have a family and children.

It sounds terrible, but a lot of European and American women simply do not want to have a family, because they do not want to take care of children, and to devote their life to someone else. By the way, the “child-free” concept has come to Russia from the West, but is not understandable for many Russians. Child-free people who deliberately do not want to have children are idiots according to the majority of Russian people, because one of the aims of life to them is to give birth, rise up kids and procreate.

Many Western women are really focused on career and up to 40 years, are still “possible future brides.” And later then it might be too late. No matter how flourishing and popular feminism would be, Russian women attract foreigners because they have family values and a strong desire to start a family.

Russian women do not mind when a man is the head of the family.

No matter how much and how long Western women fought for equality of the sexes, not all men are willing to adapt to this model. Therefore, foreigners are looking for a Russian wife, to create traditional family relationships with her. Relations, where the man is the head of the family, and the woman will be a quiet and peaceful housewife dealing with life and children. Many foreigners dream exactly about it.

Russian women are grateful.

The life of Russian women is not always like a fairy tale, in which reigns comfort and material wealth. This is especially true for inhabitants of villages and small towns. Therefore, Russian women are usually very grateful to their foreign husbands because they offered them to live in their country and took for a wife. Of course, this does not mean this “gratitude” has to be in everything, it has to be measurable to some extent.

Russian women care, give attention and warmth to their husbands. Such gratitude is difficult to wait for men of West from their compatriots, who would not be surprised by material goods. Many Russian women keep marriages with foreigners precisely because wealth is a key factor for them. Already for this they are grateful to their husbands, forgiving them a variety of flaws and turning a blind eye to the facts that they would hardly forgive if a husband was “poor Russian”.

Russian women are good housewives.

Of course, this is a loud statement. Not all Russian women know how to cook well, or how to prepare food at all. But inherent in the Russian mind genetically desire to create comfort and desire to be the mistress and wife often compensate for their inability to cook. Of course, women in West also know how to cook, but many Russian women simply have “in blood” inherent desire to take care of a man and create a comfort to him.

So, these were the main reasons why foreigners like to date and marry Russian women. Of course, one of the main reasons was not indicated here and this is outward beauty of Russian women. It is an undeniable advantage of Russian women. However, it turns out that Russian women have many other advantages, which also worth remembering.

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