Reasons why foreigners are looking for girls from the UK for dating

Today I would like to find out what are general reasons that call different men from different parts of the world in search of the U.K. girlfriend.

Why you should not date British girl. The topic of dating British girl or not is often very up to date and has always been thrilling, exiting even to the most placid brain. What are the main NOT, or arguments against dating the U.K. girls? The main are as follows: the U.K. girls take care only about themselves and don’t care about boyfriend; they are not very pretty comparing to American girls, for example, and not as pretty in general as other girls from Europe; they like to drink alcohol in big quantities; you might have English language problem with girl from the U.K. just because she speaks with local accent using local dialects; they don’t really care about their appearance. What could I say about such minuses? – They are very subjective, based on the opinion of different people who were in different situations, in different parts of the U.K. and that are why opinion belongs only to some particular person and can’t represent the whole real picture. If you want to know why you should dating British girls, follow to the next paragraph.

Why the U.K. girls are worth dating them? Because they like to love and to be loved; if British girl really likes you she will be attentive to you, but not like a sweet pie, she would give his boyfriend a nice butt kick if he is unsure about something, whether he has to do it or have to wait or if he is to lazy about doing something. British girl makes you making moves, be active and go to the goal. Even if it is believed girls from the U.K .are not extremely pretty in general, there are some that are really like natural nugget. Girlfriend from the U.K. also gives you opportunity to live in developed Western country 🙂

Tips for Dating British Girls. If you are going to date girl from the U.K., you have reasons for that, because they are stylish and modern, they are unique and rarely seem to be a grey mouse in the closet; British girls like to show their manners, intelligence and traditional values of the culture, you just need to find appropriate girl; one more chance you have if you are foreigner (probably foreigners are looking tips on dating Brits on this website ), because it is believed the U.K. girls like foreign man’s accent and that makes them feel excited; having British girlfriend you have great chance to learn English as the native speaker and at the same time you might be excited by British accent of your girlfriend not less than she would be because of yours; there are many extremely pretty girls in the U.K. and you have to find your perfect one, even though it might be not easy, but when something you want is hard to reach it means it worth it and then gives you an extra pleasure; you have a chance to be a love counter part of the lady, who’s the representative of one of the most gorgeous and powerful nations in the human history; descent British girl usually behaves and has got good manners, she represents polite and genuine culture, and who knows, maybe this is the culture you are going to like and you are going to follow and would like your children were representatives of this culture in the future; with British girlfriend you will never get bored, because she is full of energy, good humor, jokes and pleasantly unpredictable. This is only short list of peculiarities usual British woman has, but you can see there are much more pluses than minuses when dating girl from the U.K. Read also: What can I expect having British girlfriend?

Are British girls dating foreign guys? The U.K. girls, including Scottish, Irish, Welsh, in general are eager to date foreigners, because they are something new, something fresh in their life; they like accent of foreigners, as we have already said before and they are open to explore new cultures, so why not to do that by dating foreigner? Must say, British girls would prefer foreign boyfriend from developed Western countries like France, Sweden, USA, Australia rather than guy from Ukraine, Ecuador, Poland or Morocco, though, everything is very individual and every guy has a chance, first of all he has to believe in himself and to show confidence, than he may reach the goal dating British girl; more of that, sometimes man from so called developed countries would have no chance in dating girlfriend from the U.K. in front of guy from Russia, or Kyrgyzstan, for example.

Characteristics of British women. British women are usually tall, have rather pale skin; according to appearance they could be divided into two types: extremely pretty girls and not that pretty individuals; according to manners we can divide them into ladies, who follow traditions and manners and new age girls, who have no point in life, drink a lot of alcohol, like partying all the time and are happy to be as they are, those are called sometimes Eurotrash. It is up to you what king of girl you would like to find and what kind of girl in the U.K. you will find. The meaning of taste and personal preference is very subjective, though, some general features of British women we are able to provide and describe. If to talk about character, they are rather moderate, reasonable and active in their intentions; they are proud to be British and they show purposefulness in all the actions and new beginnings. British girl is treasure for confident man, but might be a problem for weak man, who would not resist her passion and demanding. British women are ready to give, but they demand you to give them back, or in advance, so keep that in mind.

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