Reasons for Ukrainian woman beauty – gender and historical characteristics

Is it true that Ukraine is land of the most beautiful women in the world? There is vivid consensus in these words. Some believe that there is a new phenomenon: a set of “exceptional beauty” of women from Ukraine. Ukrainian women and girls are confident in their special beauty and elegance. The reason for high self-esteem is modern Ukrainian woman idea of its unearthly, exceptional beauty, charm, sex appeal and feminine charm; and why not? Being underestimated for centuries Ukrainian woman has right to behave in such a way in addition to the fact that Ukrainian woman’s beauty has no one to compete with.

However, more recently, spreads the idea that Western men are no longer considered Ukrainian women to be the most beautiful and interest in them has fallen. But it’s hard to believe. Here’s an expression from the book American Richard Blackwood on site about Ukrainian women: “I have never seen Ukrainian woman in the age best to give child a birth, which would not be pretty. They are absolutely gorgeous and average Ukrainian woman looks much better than average American model. I felt like a child in a candy store and if you visit Ukraine, you will have the same feeling”.

One Englishman after visiting Ukraine said: “When I arrived in Kyiv, I was struck by how many beautiful women walk the streets. In Britain there are no as many beautiful women walking the streets.” One who visited England can confirm that he is right. Many foreign men say that as many beautiful women as you can see in Ukrainian dating sites could not be found on any dating site of other countries.

One of female immigrants whom I communicated with in Germany said: “If you see a pretty girl on the street, she is surely Russian or Ukrainian, but not German for sure.” My Ukrainian friend, who was in America, and said that he was impressed that there are almost no beautiful women in the streets. There are quite few beautiful women, and they all sit in expensive cars, because they have been dismantled. One Ukrainian guy came to the meeting with the Americans and asked one of them why he went to look for his wife in Ukraine. What do you think, what was the response? “Your women are beautiful.”

The beauty of Ukrainian women is not a myth, they are really nice, comparing with Western Europeans and Americans, and Western men really see it, because they have… eyes! They still find Ukrainian women beautiful, and interest in them has not fallen. Thousands of men are still bombing Ukrainian women with letters, attracted by their beauty, and just shower them with beauty compliments, (that are hardly heard from Ukrainian men) and for Ukrainian women those men are ready to go to foreign country, to spend money on tickets and hotels and this all only to marry Ukrainian woman. According to psychologists, man loves with his eyes, and appearance is important for man, than it is for women. Man is largely a biological creature, and the instincts cannot escape anywhere. Nature has created man in such a way.

The phenomenon of Ukrainian women Beauty has historical explanation. In the middle Ages it is known that in Europe were common the so-called “witch hunts”, where women accused of witchcraft were burned at the stake. Moreover, as the hallmark of witches was considered, what do you think? – The Beauty. Often beautiful young women were burned. If a newborn girl was too beautiful, more often a child was killed, as people feared that witch would grow from the child. So in such way Western Europeans destroyed their gene pool of beautiful women. In Ukraine as well took place cases of accusations of witchcraft women, but overall there were not witch hunts in such a massive scale as in Europe. Well, some village grannies were accused by farmers in cows poisoning and were killed in hearts.

The very idea of the image of witches in Ukraine was fundamentally different from the European one. In Ukraine witch has never been associated with a young beautiful girl like in Europe, on the contrary, in Ukraine witch was represented a horrible disgusting looking old woman with a hooked nose, something of fairytale Baba Yaga, and accused and repressed as subjects of witchcraft were usually grandmothers that were involved in collecting herbs for treatment. So it happened that the destruction of the gene pool that occurred at different times in Europe, and in Ukraine, went in different ways: in Europe gene pool of women was destroyed and in Ukraine the gene pool of men was destroyed during the revolution, civil war, Stalin’s purges, the second World War and socialism (destroyed in both ways – physically and mentally). All these facts led to the current state of affairs.

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  1. Jason Neighbors says:

    I’ve heard the story more than once of why women in Nikolaev are so beautiful on average, compared even to the rest of Ukraine. The story goes that since Nikolaev was designated to be a major center of shipbuilding for the USSR, of escpecial importance for the military, the Soviets imported pretty girls from all over elsewhere to keep the workers happy. I’ve never been able to find any corroborating evidence on the internet to support this story however. But it seems plausible.

    • ukrnetia_871skv says:

      This is so true girls there are extremely pretty. Once I went to the sea side close to Odessa near Rybakivka village and I have met there Anna(Anya) from Nikolaev. She was really pretty. Blond, deeply blue magic eyes and slim figure. Except for that she was well educated, great interlocutor. She was working in some IT office in Nikolaev. She was so hot even though she was like 34 I could give her 25 max! And this is with the fact she had 2 kids whom she’s taken with her.

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