Pros of dating Lithuanian girl

When you just started dating Lithuanian girl you have to use a little different approach than at your homeland, especially if you are from western economy. Women here are more calm, not that active and have slower temperament; this is based on the gene pool as well as traditional for generations’ way of life that was formed in Baltic countries.

If you found descent Lithuanian girl and already dating her, don’t hurry her to move your relations to the bed as quick as possible; of course, almost every man dreams about sex with pretty woman, but in this case you have to think what you are expecting from this relations and how serious you perceive them. If this is just a period of fun for you, you better not start dating Lithuanian girl because of some reasons – you may break her heart, it will be more time saving, energy saving and money saving for you to visit some “proper” bar or club in Vilnius where you will find girls ready to convert your money and cocktails for pleasant time in the bed.

If Lithuanian girl is dating to foreigner it does not necessarily mean she has already put an eye on him and willing him to become her future husband. Lithuanian girls are very curious for meetings and communication with representatives of other cultures. I would not say Lithuanian society is closed or something, vice verse many Lithuanians travel and work abroad, but still it is very small country and many women and girls, especially from small towns and villages in Lithuanian province have never been abroad before and never spoke to foreigner; on such meeting rural Lithuanian girl would be very shy and even might seem closed person to you, as westerner, but that is nothing but shy; such girls are the best candidates for girlfriends and wives as she would always be faithful to you and you may “mold and build” girl you want as the one sculpts clay or plasticine. Read also: Typical Lithuanian family

There are many pluses when dating girl from Lithuaniaand I named above some we don’t really think of at the first glance. Probably, 90% of what we see and what we want when dreaming about dating Lithuanian girl is beauty; every guy wants to walk the street and show others how cool he is that his girlfriend is so damn pretty; – wow, probably he is cool guy if she is with him, that is what many might think when see such couple walking in the park or the streets of the old town; although, you will not surprise anyone in Lithuania, because locals got used pretties surround them everywhere; another thing when you take your Lithuanian girlfriend to your home country.

I must say there also could be some condemnation from older women in Lithuania when young girl is dating foreigner; most often they would say she is selling her for money; you have to be ready to such reaction, act properly to protect your girlfriend and not to offend her by leaving just after the first sex will happen.

One more problem when dating Lithuanian girl is English language. In general people speak English in this country and its level is much better, than in Ukraine or Russia, for example, but there might be problems if the girl you liked and would like to date is from small provincial town; her English most often would ask for better and it is not likely you will learn Lithuanian language, butt… who knows, if your feelings are so strong and pure…

Dating Lithuanian is what you dream of for many days? Then stop reading this articles and act! Be the “real man”, just like Lithuanian girls like and if you are handsome young man in a good shape, having good appearance, and being materially provided you may get what you need and Lithuanian girlfriend will be the dream that comes true. Read also: Characteristics of typical Lithuanian woman

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Aivaras Kukaikus

Aivaras Kukaikus is generous guy who is always ready to share his experience and thoughts with readers who are interested in topics of dating, marriage and just admiring gorgeous Baltic women. Although not everyone is agree with his points he expresses in his articles, Aivaras is sure that every opinion has right to exist to keep the belence in the Universe and he's also sure his subjective opinion might be great source of inspiration for other people.

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  1. Lithuanian says:

    How about you learn english yourself, smartass? You are seriously going to throw shade on people and their ability to speak english when you can barely string a sentence?
    Also, if you want to mould a girl or a boy for that matter into something DON’T DATE at all. Dick.

    • Marriage Lithuania says:

      This page contains articles send by readers with descent and perfect level of English. Every opinion and observation has the right to be announced. No one pretends for ultimate truth though. Be more positive and everything is gonna be alright. Cunt.

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