Problems Belarusian brides face with abroad

Why Belarusian girls believe in Western prince?

It’s no secret that for some Belarusian women eastern gentleman is nothing other as an Achilles’ heel. The consequences they have heard about, they know the difference in mentality and still can not deal with internal passions. What is the secret of success of the eastern Lovelace?

The process of wooing a girl from their side is very beautiful and unusual. Probably, it attracts young women and more mature as well. We have participated in one of the court sessions. In the court was asked the Belarusian man who annulled the marriage with his wife. They had a little girl, beautiful, blond. The woman soon after the divorce became acquainted with the Turk, on the internet. And, never having seen him before, decided to take the little girl and go to Turkey. We have participated in court as experts on Turkey. Have you seen this woman you would notice she was completely fascinated. Yet the process of courtship extremely affects the Belarusians and other women’s post-Soviet space. Not only men from East, but guys from other countries use their chance if they want to marry someone from Belarus.

But after the marriage situation sometimes changes. Woman becomes completely subservient to her husband and in the eastern countries it is considered normal. The article is written in educational purposes. Maybe Belarusian men will learn something and become tough in competition with foreign suitors. I was sitting with three Belarusian girls, so to speak socialites, in one of the trendy cafes on the Minsk Nyamih Street. Christine, Zhenya and Angelika, in their life have gone through fire, water and copper pipes. Each of them was dating foreign guy. But it didn’t come to the wedding and feelings eventually faded. I asked the girls to make a specific list of what, in their opinion, sometimes have Belarusian gentlemen not enough. The result was a fairly simple list:

– Tact. Few smiles, can not express their admiration for the woman.
– Style. Do not follow the simple fashion trends.
– Hygiene. Many Belarusian men do not take care of themselves, rarely take a shower, do not cut the nails in time.
– Romance. Give flowers, talk about the stars and sing serenades – Belarusian men are shy of that.

In general, girls stressed out worthy gentlemen could be found in Belarus, although in short supply. While not every man in Belarus has a desire to improve his ability to properly care for the girl.

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How Belarusian girl can avoid problems when going to marry a foreigner?

In Belarus there are the so-called “hot line” for safe migration, organized by Belarusian affiliate of “La Strada” program. Let’s say you have got into sexual slavery or your foreign husband is a pervert, beats you and does not let out of the house. Or you are going abroad and you just need legal advice. In these cases, call the “hot line” “La Strada”. They will try to help, free of charge.

Call on Belarus 8801100 8801.

Calls from a mobile phone or from abroad +375 17 295 31 67.


Turning to “La Strada” in Belarus, many women are successfully reinsured before going abroad. Not so long ago a woman called to “hot line” and said, “Tomorrow I leave for Austria, I want to look for a husband.” We talked about the law of Austria, suggested what documents are needed there. Three months later, she calls and says, “You know, I met with him well, now tell me exactly what I need for registration of marriage.”

Foreigners often offer Belarusian wives to sign marriage contract. Girls must be aware as it is important to know exactly what to sign. For example, one woman from Belarus brought the marriage contract drawn up in Dutch. “La Strada” specialists in Belarus know English, German, but not Dutch. They had to do hard work, translate and proofread. And it turned out that in the case of divorce the woman not only did not get anything, but would much risk: she would have to pay the debts of her husband if his risky business collapsed.

I have never heard before Belarusian man are popular among western ladies and women of the world, but Belarusian women are popular for sure. Many foreing man take a chance as there are many Belarus women wanting to leave the country, trying to escape from poverty or dreaming of rich foreing life, that is more like paradise. Those women do not realize very often fairy tale might turn into real hell. It is hard to say what exactly rules by the will of these women, but if every 15th women in Belarus would like to marry foreign man, it is a high possibility to choose nice, pretty and intelligent, not demanding wife, if you are foreign man to her. Just keep in mind you are choosing not a doll, but real woman, from poor country, but with great attitude to life, willing to love, give birth to children and rise them up, so, behave in a proper way as well.

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