Possible Mistakes on the First Date with Ukrainian Girl

If you are going to have a date with Ukrainian girl, you have to know some tips or recommendations before you are there. This might be useful, I hope.

Usually, before any appointment Ukrainian women start to worry about such things “Will he laugh at my jokes?”, “Does he notice my new hairstyle?” and as a result, our worst fears are confirmed. Woman starts to worry too much and the man’s task is to make woman feel comfy in any situation.

At the same time man should not be worry also. Who wants to spend time with someone who constantly worries? The purpose of meeting is not to hold a stunning impression on your partner and make sure that he/she had a good time, enjoying every minute of communication with you. So everything is so good that your Ukrainian girl would like to have another date with such confident and at the same time adorable funny man.

When you are on the date with Ukrainian girl, you have to talk about something and, surely, ask her trivial questions. For example, questions about work. Try it not to be so trivial. Ask questions to which she would respond. Rather, she has many times asked questions like: “Where do you work?” “Do you like your job?” etc. Be original, your task is to make her feel comfortable, and not as if passing another test. For example, you may ask, “What questions usually ask you about your work? Do you like your colleagues? Why did you choose this job? Where would you like to work?” These questions will help to shift to another, deeper, more personal level.

Leave your worries behind. The first and even the second date is not a reason to discuss your previous girlfriend, alcoholic father or mentally abnormal office chief. But do not tell a lie when the conversation turned to nasty things. Complaining and telling the truth are two completely different things. If you cannot stand your work and especially your boss, just do not discuss it. When it comes about your work, say “I do not like my job; I’m going to find another”, and slightly change the flow of conversation into a new direction.

Stay up to date. Eve future date look fresh news or read a newspaper. If you are aware of the events taking place, you will discuss that after you tell each other how many brothers and sisters you have.

Ukrainian girls usually expect man to pay for dinner. It is a part of Ukrainian tradition and it is so in Ukraine, but it does not mean Ukraine girls are greedy or mercantile. Do not try to pay on the account at whatever the cost. You can pay the cost in half, but you should not get a calculator and inform the partner that she has to pay more because eating a salad. If you want to pay yourself, you have to propose it gently and than pay. If you pay in half, as it is usual thing for US, she would think you are greedy and think twice whether to go for a second date with you or not. Do not offend, but Ukraine is different, it has European reality sometimes hard to understand for us, Americans.

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