Possibilities Of Interracial Marriages In Ukraine

Are Ukrainians tolerant to other nations and races? I guess we should start with this question. And the answer would be “YES”. Big Y-E-S! Many foreigners have only brief picture of Ukraine somewhere deep in their minds (if they have) at the time when Ukraine is far more hospitable and much less racist comparing to many countries of European Union. Americans often are interested is it safe for African American person or Asian American person to visit Ukraine; even if their top aim is finding Ukrainian girlfriend, first of all they normally think about own security. Ukraine is very hospitable and secure country, at least not less dangerous than most of Western European countries in terms of security and much more hospitable to foreigners than many of mentioned EU countries.

Chances are high, watch the examples

In Ukraine there are many students from African and Arabic countries and all of them peacefully live and study in Ukraine. Many of them are married to Ukrainian women (sometimes because of love, often to get Ukrainian citizenship) and have such multicultural families and children. As you can see here, many young Ukrainian ladies are not opposed to have other than Indo-European race boyfriend, who has much chance to become her future husband. And in fact we see these African guys usually come from poor African countries and poor families so it is not about money that Ukrainian girls marry them.

Opinion of others… MATTERS!

However, not every Ukrainian girl would eagerly start dating a guy of another race. She might be ok with everything, but Ukrainian girls and Ukrainians in general, are very dependent on the opinion of others: relatives, neighbors, colleagues at work, etc. Every Ukrainian girl would think what will her girl friends say, what will her parents say, what will her close people think – and not every girl would have courage to date Afro American guy, for example, because chances are high she would be dependent on the opinion of others, not even close people, who will be against or would make fun on her choice. Such kind of social type discrimination through general society opinion.

VILLAGE OR CITY: in Ukraine it has enormous difference

People in cities are more get used to foreigners, but if, for example, black guy will go to Ukrainian village or small provincial town, he would be in the middle of attention of local people. No doubts! Everyone would tell each other and they would come to look at you, to say “hi”. This attention is NOT aggressive, people are very curious and hospitable, because before they have seen African type person only on the TV screen. Although, they are hospitable in terms of your being here as a tourist or guest. The situation might have change if you come to visit the parents of your future Ukrainian bride who comes from this village. Parents and grandparents might have either rather negative attitude towards you as their possible future son in law or will take this normally and their attitude would be fine, maybe they just will be curious more than usual. So, here you never no. In some cases, if the girl knows she has such strict parents who will be against your relationships, she would just not start dating you.

Religious aspects

Most of Ukrainians are Orthodox Christians, although there are many Catholics and other religious believers. Most often you will have to take a church wedding ceremony except for usual wedding ceremony and often you have to be “compatible” in terms of faith and church rules. For this, many foreigners have to accept the church of their Ukrainian girlfriend. But this all depends on the family Ukrainian girl comes from and it is not always like it is written here, so don’t be afraid.

Majority: personal qualities are the most important

Some of Ukrainians express their points of view for preserving the purity of the nation and as the logic key they stand for mono-ethnic family. Although, vast majority of Ukrainians, especially youth, think than the most important are personal qualities of the future spouse, but not belonging to particular race or nationality.

Global outlook: everything is possible

In recent years many Ukrainians went for West. Most of them in terms of labor migration and some of them in travel purposes. Process of multicultural exchange between Ukraine and the rest of the world is very dynamic and gaining momentum. Young Ukrainians study and work abroad and bring to Ukraine Western values where intercultural and interracial families are norm of the society for a long time. So, if you are thinking about dating Ukrainian girl but you are unsure whether she would agree because your skin color or nationality – this is ridiculous. Much bigger problem if she does not like you – than it is almost impossible to start something with her, but if she feels interested, comfortable and reliable with you – than you are on the roll.

Tolerance is one thing family membership is different

If we check what young Ukrainians think about international marriages the answers might not satisfy you. Some say they imagine Chinese or African guy to be their friend, but do not imagine him to be family member. Some point out they are not sure whether nowadays Ukraine is ready to have a wave of Afro Ukrainians to be born and if yes than they might have problems while society adapts to this newly formed fact of reality. Some Ukrainians say they don’t have anything against other races, but they would prefer to join their life with representative of their culture.

Mental difference still might be BIG problem

Many Ukrainian girls are not ready to marry representative of another race, culture or country, because they think in advance about common family life and cultural differences which would follow next. This concerns family tradition, children upbringing and many other facts which person with Ukrainian mentality would just not tolerate and never get used to.

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