Position of Bolivian wife in the family

Women in Bolivia are associated with domestic life and make family duties, while man is earning money at work and is considered getter. This has an impact on social diversity as men take higher positions in different spheres. Wife in Bolivia is the defender of domestic fire and do the house work takes care of children and to raise them up is mostly her obligation. Woman is an initiator and responsible for love fire and romantic atmosphere at the house.

Marriage is important and expected for grownups in Bolivia. Before the marriage woman and man live for a period of three years together under one roof usually in the house of future fiancés parents. Then they get married non-officially and after go the most important religious marriage. Must remind you this is when we are talking about Indigenous people.

Bolivia is known as very machismo country and women used to live with it. Men usually whistle or shout something. Sexual assaults are often in Bolivia as well. This mostly issues concern only young girls, but often foreign women who do not follow local Bolivian traditions and wear to short clothes and seem easy to Bolivian men.

Bolivian women are known to be good candidates for wives as they are not emancipated and willing devotedly play the role of nice and caring housewife. If that is ok with you, than creation of the family nest with Bolivian girl might be good way out for your personal happiness and comfort.

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