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Times change and Polish girls are looking for rich foreign fiance, who will save them from mediocrity and bring coveted luxury. Wealth attracts Polish women, but not only that. Imagination draws in mind expensive daily gifts, trips on luxurious cars, meeting with Hollywood stars and thought that living abroad is as great a princess life in fairy tale.

Marriage Agencies are characterized by periods of calm, but usually have many offers. Polish women for marriage are very popular among foreigners and this interest is rapidly growing. One of the reasons why foreign grooms choose beautiful Polish girls are intelligent mix of Slavic appearance and East-Asian concessions. But we can not say that Polish women are too compliant and immediately ready for inter-ethnic marriage. Polish girls are quite choosy and picky. Young Western women rarely agrees to marry a 50-year-old. Polish women are also more inclined to this factor, so if you want to marry a young Polish girl, but you are no longer young yourself, hurry up, because Poland is becoming more rich country than before. Times change and Polish girls are looking for young, handsome and rich Western European or American men. However, they are chosen by men. Typically, in Poland man pays for all services at the marriage agency, so be prepared for that. However, often such marriages are short-lived and decay within one or two years. The reasons for the collapse of those marriages are cultural differences, different mentality and traditions and family conflicts arising thereunder. So first of all, think about that before you got married to a foreigner and whether you really want it or not. This step is very serious and will have an impact not only on foreign wife, but also for yourself.

Often when a girl marries a foreigner, these feelings have no love. Girls are ready to marry anyone, only to leave Poland for abroad, where in their opinion, they can achieve more. Girls often do not want to see the opportunities they have at home and think that good is somewhere where we are absent. They think moving abroad will solve all their problems.

According to psychologists, when we do not solve our problems at home, we just carry them with us wherever we go. Leaving her native country, girl does not know the future marriage is already under the threat in the future. Love usually occurs between people who know each other for some time, communicate, share hobbies and interests. When foreigner comes to a foreign country, he simply chooses girl, whose appearance he found the most attractive. But historical differences in approaches to life sooner or later affects negatively. In such cases, Polish girl realizes how unbearably hard to be alone in a foreign country where no one understands you. All loved ones – parents, friends and understanding of native culture are very far away. That is why, when Polish women are seeking marriage abroad, they do not always understand the seriousness of their steps, being blinded by quick desire to build their happiness. And often unknown abroad is much worse than usual Polish reality at home. Of course, there are cases of true love between Polish woman and a foreigner, but those are special cases when life just misleads people. You do not need to sit for hours on dating sites and seek Polish girl, like you choose the goods in online store. You find acquaintance, find the one to spend time and money with and sometimes lose interest and get stress. True love, and the strong relationship along with it and a happy family often comes unexpectedly. If you are a foreigner who wants to marry a Polish girl, better take a trip to Poland. Find out the history of this country better. Try learn basics of the language. Meet the Poles, find friends there, spend time together. And then you have much better chance to find good Polish girl and a good future wife for a family and common children.

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