Pluses of dating Serbian girl

If you are a foreigner who is dating a Serbian girl or just planning dating Serbian girl, it is important to be tolerant and polite, as Serbian customs and traditions are different that, for example, American or British and some of the traditions might even seem weird to foreigner. Serbs have peculiar family structure, where family and parents are treated with great respect and advices and demands of parents are the rule. So, try to understand this and not get confused. While dating Serbian girl you must give her some open space and treat her with care, respect and being gentle.

That is much what Serbian girls wait for and if you are able to give that, she will be the best girl in your life ever, in sense of relations, care, love, sex, passion, support, personal inspiration and other benefits of dating Serbian girl. Some might say women from Serbia are looking for foreigner to empty his wallet. I would not say that, as not money help to impress the girl and make her interested in man, but appropriate usage of this money as the part of successful courtship. By “appropriate usage” I mean spending them for dinner, small presents, and attributes for making romantic atmosphere, if needed. Money is not necessity in this case. Serbian girls have deep soul, maybe even a little naïve, I would say and this makes them so nice and kind. They need nice, gentle and caring attitude from their partner and if they get this, the partner would be pleasantly shocked. Serbian woman is able to create very successful man from her partner in a short period of time and this is the real truth.

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There are many sexy ladies to date in Serbia, but the main point why foreign men choose Serbian women for girlfriends and wives is not as much their sexuality as deep inner world, care to the man and family, ability to find out of different problems. The best time to look for the girlfriend in Serbia is summer or late spring, as it is very warm and the nature is just gorgeous. As for the city, Belgrade, as the capital and the biggest city of Serbia, will suit your needs and interests the best. If you would like to impress Serbian girl, order a table for two in expensive restaurant in Belgrade, as for the citizen of EU, US or other western countries, restaurants would not be expensive. She would really appreciate that gesture of you. But still, the main is your positive and gentle attitude. One more thing you have to keep in mind, Serbian culture is very patriarchal so, as a man, you will have some benefits you would never get from emancipated western woman. For example, Serbian wife, after work would come back home and prepare food for you. On the weekends, while you are sleeping, she will clean the house and do laundry and would not say you are lazy and she demands to divide house duties. At the same time she would expect you to carry heavy weights with grocery, open the door before she enters and make money, or at least make much more money than she does. You have to keep the balance, I would say. Allow her more than Serbian man usually does and at the same time get from her what you would never get from American girl and you both would be happy. For example, help her to do dishes or clean the house sometimes; bring her flowers for no reason and such a simple at first look things are able to do wonders with your Serbian girl. As the reward you will get passionate nights and caring lovely atmosphere.

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