Pluses and minuses of dating Hungarian girl

Hungarian girls in general are very materialistic and financially oriented. She would not tell you she loves you and will love you till the end of her life, most likely if you are dating with girl from Hungary at the moment you will experience some financial problems she would just leave you.

There are many examples when Hungarian girl said “good bye” to her boyfriend because suddenly he lost his job and his income. Such orientation on financial aspect could be considered as huge minus, but the beauty of such attitude is in the fact that Hungarian woman will tell you directly what she expects from you without hiding real motives and aim. She would say something like: “Ok, I know I am pretty and you may possess this beauty, I will be your girlfriend, but instead I need some guaranties and the best guaranty is your financial independence. I am the girl you were dreaming about, I am the girl who can give you a lot, but when I give at the same time I take”. That sentence is just an example so you better understand girls from Hungary.

Many would not like such an attitude of girls from this Central European country, but at least this attitude is fair. Hungarian girl does not hide what she needs from you. You use her beauty and instead she uses your money to live full life: dress up good, eat healthy food, live in good house, drive nice car; in the future you have to be good material base to bring up children; it is very clear and logical as for me. Probably, every girl dreams about such life, but in many countries such girls are condemned by others (who probably envy them) or the society and Hungarian girls do not afraid to announce their willing.

Cons for one person may be pros for another one. If you are from developed western country; if have your own business or earn well and need to find pretty girlfriend who will be pretty open in her wishes you may visit Hungary and find such girlfriend with clearly understandable rules of the game. You have to understand she would probably leave you if she finds better choice or if you stop sponsoring her, but your money may help you here. There are many very pretty but very pragmatic girls in Hungary. Hungarian girlfriend would be faithful for life, but instead you will need to have good income whole life so she remains comfortable near you and you could serve her needs. Read also: Marriage with Hungarian woman pros and cons

Maybe this article about dating Hungarian girls would sound rude to some of you or you will see those girls to mercantile or even easy, but here I expressed my own point of view based on personal observations. Before dating girl from Hungary you have to know she will evaluate your material status and on the second place would place your appearance, sense of humor and attitude to life. Be ready if she does not need your money and dating with you she uses you for some other reason and you have to find out what is this reason. I know examples when girls of Hungarian nationality were dating with guys who helped them in studies, could somehow make their life easier or more interesting, but since the reason expired then the boyfriend expired as well.

Of course, it would be incorrect and even rude to say all Hungarian girls are the same and you will have problems of material character while dating them. There are exceptions; all girls are different, but general picture as I see it is just like that described earlier.

The fact many Hungarian girls are looking for boyfriend abroad also confirms my words. There was one story all the Internet was talking about when 17 years old girl from Hungary commended her innocence in 120 thousand dollars. As he girl explained, her family needed to pay the debts of the house, or it would be taken away. Initially, bids were opened on the eBay, but soon Hungarian girl refused to sell virginity through the website. She closed bids, despite the fact that she was offered 120 thousand Euros (158.1 thousand dollars). According to her, she refused to hold the auction after English businessman asked her to marry him. “You know, I do not need a husband but this English guy had gone too far. I am not looking for husband, I’ve never even had a boyfriend I’m just looking for someone who can help me and my family” – She explained. After the trading on eBay auction was closed the bid was resumed on a Hungarian television.”Some people think I am sufferer, others call me cheap, but I’m not like that I’m just a girl who wants the best for me and my family” – Said the Hungarian. After that example it is up to you to analyze and act. But it is not only Hungarian girls; earlier Romanian girl was selling her virginity on one of German website for adults and earlier American girl did the same. Do you know sometning about character of  Hungarian women and Why are they so demanding?

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  1. Niki says:

    This article is simply stupid. The writer probably had a bad experience and says that all Hungarian women are like that. I am Hungarian and I have many Hungarian friends. NON OF THEM are materialistic nor left their partners because of financial reasons. If Hungarian women would be like that most of them would never get married or have a serious relationship because there aren’t many people in the country who are wealthy. Every country has women like that including Hungary but Hungary doesn’t have more of them than any other countries. This article is simply offensive, and not even close to being accurate. If you write an article make sure that what you write is real or don’t write anything.

  2. Zeeshan Asim says:

    Hungarian girls are just born to be a b*t*h i have hungarian girlfriend and i have many friends here in budapest . but i notes that thing that there are very few girls which are really wanted the serious relationship . But the girls in hungary dont want to marry infact when they turn to women then they decide to marry and before marry 99.9% girls losse their virginty . in hungary the average age of lossing viriginty is 16 to 20 year but the average rate for marriage is the age of 25 to 35 Mans specially muslims mans should not marry with hungairan girls because this country have very bad concepts about muslim religion . You can see that the major pupolation of here is christian but 90% peoples dont even follow the religion they just celebrate christmiss but 99% peoples dont follow in real means .And the last thing i want to share that in hungarian economy is bulid only on 2 buisness 1St is Renting flats on rent to the and the 2nd business is Sex business . So you can decide that if you still want to marry hungarian girl . Then best of luck

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