Places for unforgettable dating in Moldova

Today under dating we usually understand going to some cozy café of restaurant and have a nice chat while dinner. The end of the date could be somewhere on the roof of skyscraper, where both can observe night city lights panorama and, probably, have the first kiss. This type of dating is called romantic and this is one of the most popular types of date. What foreigners who come to Moldova do and what type of date they prefer? Actually, I would not call it dating, because such western tourists visit Moldova bars and clubs in order to pick up easy girls. And if we are talking about Moldovan dating, such cases happen usually much rare and in case the girl is not only pretty, but smart and would not allow man to possess her easily. Such lady acquires a long process of grooming or wooing, whatever you call it.

If you asked a girl for a date in Moldova, you may choose the easiest way and visit expensive restaurant, but it’s always up to you what your personal dating should be. If it is the first date, well, then it has some sense. Because if for the first date you will ask Moldovan girl for the walk in the park, she might think you are meanie and will never agree to spend some more time together, unless you are interesting enough person. After fancy date, the next dating process must be versatile and expressive. The more you impress the girl, the more chances you have for further happy long lasting common relations.

To make dating process easy and relax, try to invent something new, new types of dating and new places for that. Some spontaneous things might be very good to use, as they are usually the most memorable. If you prefer serene dating, combining with nature might be good alternative to restaurant. There are many nice places in the nature in Moldova and the nature of the country is very beautiful, so it must not be hard to find some place for the picnic and seat together near the fire, talking about different funny things or, maybe, about the sense of life. Isn’t it romantic?

Find out what type of art your Moldovan girl is fond of. If this is music, you may go together to the concert of her favorite band. If this is painting, you may visit some interesting galleries. And if she likes theater, buy a ticket to the histrionics or opera. If such places are hard to find in Moldova, Ukrainian Odessa is pretty close to Moldovan border, so you may find such cultural outlet over there. And do not forget about trivial, but always working cinema, as everyone, including Moldovan girl, would like to watch the premiere of new movie, and cinema is also a good place for kissing together.

If you and your beloved part are crazy enough in a good sense of this word, you may try out something exotic or even scary and try parachute or the house of horror for your next dating time. Of course, such types of dates are possible either among already very close people or if they are representatives of specific subculture and they only diversify routine dating everyone has got used to.

You have to notice, as Moldova is poor country and salaries are low, your Moldovan girl might never have been abroad even in the closest European borders. So, as for you it is not much of expense, buy a European trip for you both, where you will find a lot of interesting for yourself and Moldovan girlfriend would be excited as well. Such a trip is not only a good way to spend time together, but to impress your girl much, find out life is much more interesting than we got used to think and open new horizons. If you are ready for serious relations like marriage with your Moldovan girl, such a trip could be the first serious step that’ll hint her you are serious about her and your common relations.

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