Perfect date? Easy! Here are some instructions

If after every date you tackle the head and dating process has not even started – do not worry, you just have not seen this manual on easy and successful date. So, some dating etiquette tips.

Comfortable, but not too lonely place

Leading in the list are public places like cafes and, of course, restaurants. But if you both are open to unconventional scripts, nothing prevents, for example, go for a walk together with the dogs to the park. The presence of a pet is a noticeable plus when meeting as for the first time you will surely have common topics to talk about and avoid unpleasant pauses.

Prohibited to be late

The delay is considered not simply as a sign of insecurity, but also disrespect. Good advice of experts on time management is never plan “timely.” Set a goal to come 15 minutes beforehand and think of what to do if you have to wait. It will be psychologically easier.

Forget about cell phone

People hate when the person answers the calls and messages during the date, especially, if this is the first date. Try to avoid this or at least do not put your cell on the table and if it is much needed, put it screen down.

You came for companion

Do not forget that a date is valued by interest in companion: the ability to ask questions about his/her life and to listen. In addition, you may talk about everything like pop culture, new movies and TV shows as it is not bad for a start. Try to avoid such topics like religion and politics as here you may have different points and arguments; this could be discussed later in case the first date would be successful.

Keep track of what and how much you drink

<Yes, we know that alcohol temporary (temporarily!) improves social skills and increases confidence in your own attractiveness. Arguments against are too obvious. Moreover, in the morning you can cover alcohol withdrawal feelings of shame.

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