Peculiarities of marriage with Icelandic woman

Marriage and Iceland are in reality two both peculiar things, because it is like something on the contrary to each other. How come it happened so? I will explain. Iceland has the highest on the planet percentage of single women who have children. However, it is not because of divorce, but because these women… have never been married. It is also a country with the strongest feminist beliefs on the planet. How do you think, could some other country be more peculiar in family issues?

Marriage is not considered something necessary in Iceland and there are reasons for this. Marriage in most countries is connected with religion, but in Iceland most of the population could not be called believers and pregnancy outside the marriage is not considered something immoral. The other fact is that in most countries women are getting married also to have support from husband, including financial, but not in Iceland. The state takes care of mothers, supporting them and they don’t really need a husband as supplier, as the person who brings sufficient part of income to the family. This all is despite to the fact that cost of living in Iceland is one of the most expensive in the world as most of products are imported.

I cannot be quiet about the story when some website wrote a kind of fake new that Icelandic government is going to pay $5000 to every foreigner who is going to marry Icelandic woman as there is lack of men in the country. The new widespread through the Internet at virus speed and lot’s of men were fooled and got their dreams broken. J Such information got popular because of ignoramus attitude of many people towards Iceland. Actually, Icelandic women just do not want to get married as many of them do not see point in it. If couple is living together, than they are having mutual interest, love and feelings, because all material reasons for common living in Iceland are absolutely pointless.

What if marriage still happens? How does it look like? As for many Americans Icelandic marriage is something not explored. I would say marriage life is the same as everywhere with its pros and cons. Important role plays the fact that Icelanders have calm and little cold temperament which is typical to most of the peoples of North so the quarrels in the families are rare and if happen, then it is not as emotional as in some hot South countries.

As for wedding ceremony in Iceland, it reminds typical wedding ceremony as it happens in all civilized world. People first go to register their marriage officially and as civil registry offices often can not fit huge amount of willing to watch the ceremony people, the ceremony often takes part outside in the place the couple choose in advance. Then newlyweds have ceremony in church and go to take pictures. Later everyone is gathering at the place where non official part of the wedding is going to be and people have fun. Usually thus takes place at some outside the town place or a restaurant. At the place there is table where guests place their presents which couple is going to open privately the next day. As for duration of the celebration it depends on the family budget, but usually it lasts for just one day. Traditional for the wedding in Iceland is when bride throws the bouquet standing with her back to the crowd and the girl who catches it is believed to be the next to get married.

It seem like in the shades of last news we see that marriage is something useless and pointless to Iceland. Such trend would be only stronger within the years and generation of youth will most likely not adapt traditional marriage. What consequences it would have to the country with population of average European city? The question remains open and only time will show.

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