Nice places to spend a date with girl in Latvia

Everyone knows standard procedure, let’s say so, when it is going about standard routine, let’s name it so, date. But what if you want to surprise your girl and simple walk in the park or expensive restaurant won’t impress her? What if you decided to be the best boyfriend ever and want magic moments of your date to stay in her memories forever? Maybe you are thinking about how to impress Latvian girl during the date? Than we have some fresh ideas for you where to spent the most memorable date in Latvia depending on tastes and preferences of your Latvian girl and your own. So, let’s start, right?

You both fond of cinema and like historical movies or like to visit historical reconstructions live? That it would be good to visit The Movie Village of Sineville in Latvia. They started to build this town in 2004, and various films and videos where old times are concerned are being shot here. This place is accessible and simple for the curious people and for interesting date. Here you can plunge into the atmosphere of old times, see how the filming process is taking place, you can participate in the filming process. This place is also good for date because here you also have restaurant to have usual type of date and even hotel as who knows, maybe you will be so good that your spouse would choose to prolong the date in the hotel.

You and your Latvian girlfriend both are romantic and are amused by fascinating landscapes and beauty of nature? You are not but she is? Perfect! You have to visit Cape Kolka. This is an incredible place in its beauty worth to spend at least some time with your girlfriend. In the spring it’s great to watch the flying birds, and in the summer it’s the perfect place to stay here with an overnight stay. Here, by the way, the Riga Gulf meets with the Baltic Sea.

If you are dating with Latvian girl not for the first time and your intentions are serious, why not to give her hint for future marriage? You can do this by asking her for the date to Birinu Castle with a gazebo for wedding ceremonies. This is a great place, where it is always nice to take a dip. Here you can wander all day and enjoy the beauty that reigns here. This place is located near Riga and the inhabitants of Latvia also love to be here because there are incredibly beautiful wedding ceremonies are held here. When there is a wedding, the arbor is decorated with flowers and rows of chairs are set before it. The bride comes out of the castle. Magic.

If you would like to spend your date in a quiet place closer to the nature you may be eager to visit Ragakapa Nature Park in Jurmala. The one who has not heard about the pine air in Jurmala knows nothing about Latvia. This park is the personification of what Jurmala is famous for. Pines, the sea. If you are lucky with the weather, it will be doubly beautiful. Visiting this park with pretty Latvian girl and walk there along the paths, take steep pictures and just enjoy the time that you can devote to observing the beautiful is phenomenal. This park was created to preserve the dunes, which are overgrown with pine trees.

Latvia is famous for pretty places close to the nature where you can spend great time just being there and which could be a good option for memorable date. One of such places is Slītere National Park. You will find many options for active date here. Nature trails, sea shore, boat trips, bike routes and much more opportunities open to visitors to the Slitere National Park. If you are in good physical shape, then go to the trails of Peterather and Schliiter as after steep climbing you will discover incredible views. A great place for photographers and connoisseurs of beauty.

Looking for unusual date in Latvia and are fun of architecture? Then visit The Oskar Kalpaks bridge in Liepaja. It is considered to be a unique monument of engineering. The fact is that this is one of the oldest bridges in Latvia made from metal structures. These structures, when approaching the ship, can rise by 90 degrees. Accordingly, the bridge is bred only when large ships pass it or several times a day.

Want to spend quiet peaceful date close far from society and city traffic? Would like to be more close to each other during the date and so no one disturb you? Then visit Amatciems. This paradise on Earth is situated near Cesis. It was built by a local millionaire. His mission was to create a paradise on Earth. It’s good to just be here. Amatciems is a place where there are no sounds of passing cars, where you can distract from all domestic and enjoy nature, water and quietness.

Silene Recreation Park is popular with visitors of Daugavpils, because here nature combines with modern design and even technologies. Come here with your girlfriend and plunge into the atmosphere of tranquility, stay near the pond, walk in the woods.

Your girlfriend is fond of abandoned places and talking to you about visiting Chernobyl and Prypiat? You have a chance to visit such a mysterious place in Latvia! Ghost Town Skrunda used to be once a military town. Now this is more like Chernobyl. On ordinary days you can just wander around and see how it was before. A bit eerie place, to be honest.

A real oasis of Latvia is Botanical garden in Salaspils. Here you can see specimens of exotic nature and spend a part of the date with Latvian girl – the rest of the date you cand spend in the cozy cafe.

If you do not want to travel outside of Riga, but you want something cozy, then come to the cafe with a big fish in Riga. It’s very tasty here and also you will find a huge fish – piranha, which on Monday, Wednesday and Friday can be fed with crab sticks by visitors. The prices are very surprising, and the staff will not leave anyone without a smile.

As you see, if you have imagination, sense of humor and look positive at life you have many options to spend non-trivial date in Latvia and surprise your Latvian girlfriend. Just pay attention to what you both like and to the type of character of your girlfriend so that suddenly your date would not turn into boring routine. If she is not fond of history then don’t visit museums and architectural sights. If she has some problems with health don’t torment her by 20 km walk in the dunes. Just keep the balance of intimacy and interesting time spending, take into consideration important factors as personal interests and preferences of your girl and you will have unforgettable date which would make your Latvian girl to be even more proud of you, because you are initiator and organizer of such a nice time spending.

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