Myths Russian women have about foreign men

Do you want to marry a foreigner? Are you interested in some facts about foreign men and what are myths and what is reality? Search for life companion through the dating services, marriage agency or a matchmaker becomes more and more popular in Russia and this is not surprising. However, there are still a lot of myths among Russian women about marriages with foreigners. In this article we would try to dispel myths about marriage with foreigners and give a realistic assessment of the situation.

European and American men are less emotional and candid than the Russian, they have a different mentality. This is an insurmountable obstacle on the way to mutual understanding. It is the absolute myth. The level of emotion, of course, depends to some extent on the location: the northern nations, as well as Slavs are more closed by nature, and not so clearly express their emotions, unlike southern nations on the contrary are temperamental. If you look at the situation more globally, it becomes clear that all people on earth are experiencing exactly the same emotions in similar situations: grieving the loss of a loved one, enjoy the present, lose their heads from love. The difference in mentality manifests itself rather in the social and domestic issues. In addition, the generally accepted norms of conduct and morality, as well as laws adopted across the world today are the same for everyone, no matter where in the world we are. So, men from Europe, America and Canada, as well as Russian women, crave romance and beautiful love in a relationship.

Europe is interested in the fact that each of the more than 50 countries, has its own cultural traditions and the distinguishing features which in connection with the European men are very different from each other not only in appearance, but also by attitude to life and his manner of communicating. The Germans, for example, are all well educated and have good sense of humor. If you fall in love with a German, he is capable of many things. French men have a certain charm, they are well educated, and they know how to cook well and are versed in the wines. Italians are expressive and are distinguished by the manner of talking loudly and gesticulating at the same time. Their desire for experimentation and new things will not make any companion bored.

Many interesting things I can tell about America. First of all, it is a country of different nations. Nowhere in the world there is no such huge mixing of peoples, as in America. The second is in the United States each ones work is honorable no matter whether man is manager, cashier, or was able to build his business. The main features that characterize American men are openness, curiosity and desire to grasp everything. Australians are close to Russian people mentally.

Foreign groom can add to his portfolio 10-year-old pictures, where he looks younger and slimmer than he is and so thus misleading potential brides. This is possible if the meeting happens in social networks. In a serious marriage agency such a situation is unlikely to happen. After all, the customer base of honorable agencies is represented only with interesting, serious people, for whom the word “marriage” is not just empty word. Moreover, reliable Russian marriage agencies are working only with reliable foreign partners such as successful marriage agencies with years of experience, providing solid security guarantees truthful and relevant information about the customer. So, take it into consideration if you are looking for foreign husband and want to use marriage agency to help you with it.

Foreigners, especially the Germans and the British are very pragmatic. Frankly, it is not very correct formulation. It would be more correct to say neither Americans nor Europeans simply do not live those dreams and fantasies that are impossible to implement. They do not exaggerate their capabilities and thus know exactly what they want from life and precisely follow the target. You probably had to notice that the facial expression of foreigners is different from facial expression of Russians. Foreigners have some openness and there is no tension. It is the fact that they live in harmony with the environment, where there is no permanent minor or major failures, where you do not expect trouble and mischief on the part. At the same time their quality of life, social security and stability makes them an incorrigible optimists. What can miss the man in such a beautiful environment? Only the absence of loving woman beside him could be the problem. Therefore, foreigners are turning to marriage agencies to share their happiness with the woman they could possibly love. Denial of their avarice also is the fact that they are paying for the services of marriage agencies quite considerable sums.

Among the Americans a lot of men who are overweight. If we are talking about low-income segments of the population, then yes. If it is going about wealthy Americans, then no. After all, they tend to lead an active lifestyle, travel and are addicted to a variety of sports.

A large percentage of marriages with foreigners end with sexual slavery. No one is insured from such sad moments, but especially those women who risk to get acquainted through little-known online dating sites with a dubious reputation. The civilized world has moved on to professional search. And in Europe and America marriage agencies charge a pretty solid sum of money for their services which is about 1.5 to 4 million Euros. Instead, they guarantee comfort and safety to their customers, protecting against fraud. The fact is that in the European countries, for example, it is easy to register a marriage, but it is very difficult to terminate it. And after the divorce, a man can lose a significant portion of its capital, and recovery may take more than one year. Therefore, the Europeans are trying not to marry early and before marriage European has to be sure his wife is the only one and he would live with her all his life. Accordingly, if the European offers you marriage proposal, he does it with full responsibility, understanding and accepting all the obligations, duties and risks that fall to him in marriage.

Many foreign brides prefer Slavonic (Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus) wives, because they believe that Russian women are more unpretentious and undemanding. This is not quite right. Rather, they are attracted by the femininity of Russian women, their focus on the family and the fact that they do not necessarily compete for the first place in the family, because for most of the Slavic beauties according to their mentality it is the norm that the man is the head of the family. Russian women still inherently are the “guardians of the family hearth”, they are wonderful mothers, wonderful hostess and loving wives. In Western countries, the word feminism and emancipation are not just an empty phrase. Average European woman do not need to keep herself in shape, to be attractive, gentle, loving, caring, and try to please the man. In any case she would choose husband she would like to, because in Europe there are much more women than men. But a man instead must take care of himself; make good money, to provide the desired standard of living for his half. Whom European men remind you? Of course they remind Russian women, because they are almost in the same position in Russia. For the Europeans, as well as for Russian women, the family is the main value.

For the Girl over 30 years old with a child it is hard to find abroad a decent man to marry. It is the absolute myth. In Europe and in America if a man marries a woman with a child, it shall be for him the same responsibility as for his own children. Therefore, abroad is also common situation where a woman is already having a child, but is getting married again and then gives birth to common children. At the same time, in spite of the difference in the methods of education in foreign countries, in general, that the man does not divide children to “his” and “her”. Every child gets equal love, attention, care and education. So, children do not become a burden for the parents, as it often happens in Russia. To say more, the family in many countries is the main value in life. And all what man does, he does for the family. Equality and mutual understanding is what the marriage is based on. For example, for a European, to love, respect and appreciate his wife is the norm of life. Together they discuss and solve problems, plan the family budget and the next holiday; remain faithful lovers till they get old and this is normal, this is something that is instilled from childhood and is one of the components of a European mentality. So, before creating a family Europeans face up with great responsibility. A man will make a woman offer to marry him, only if he is sure in his material base. He has to be sure he could keep not only his wife but also their future children.

From all the above answer to the question: “Why do foreign men more attracted beautiful but lonely Russian women?” becomes obvious. Despite the different mentality, culture, education and tradition, Russian women and European men are very similar. They have the same attitude to life, to family, to people they love. And when people have common values of life, their union is strong, reliable and durable.

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