My super time dating Czech girl!

Time while I was dating Czech girl is the best time in my life without a doubt. I say this not just I only want to tell how nice Czech girls are to encourage you dating them. It is also not going about advice and some obligation; all I describe here are the facts I collected myself when I was dating to girl from this beautiful European country. To all those who likes to say different ugly things I must say this is my subjective opinion which belongs to me and if you don’t like something or don’t agree you may write comment or your own article with your opinions and observations and as we are living in free democratic society I would advise you to behave in proper way and remember every person has right to his / her own opinion.

Time when I started dating to my girlfriend from Czech Republic was covered with mystiques and secrets; this was the time in my life when many changes happened almost all at once. You know, when for some long period of time you live monotonous, routine and I would even call boring life; you are not interested in anything, breakfast, work, bus, home, drinking on the weekend and then the same again and again. You get used to such type of things and within the time it seems normal to you, but some day I just woke up or at least I felt like I was awaken after long boring dream and I thought what am I doing? What person I would be in 5 or 10 years, let’s say, if I will keep living like that?  I don’t know what forces us to make changes in life, is it some power from better world we do not see or it is our subconscious desire to improve ourselves, but sometimes we get tired from what we are doing and decide to change our life completely. That is exactly what happened to me. I decided to change my life completely and forget about my career that caused me only nervous behavior and thoughts, ‘helped’ me with my visits to psychologist and almost denied me from communication with girls. I decided to follow my desires and to do things my heart tells me to do. First of all I decided to find a girl and to spend more free time with her. I wanted communication so badly but as I lived in not very big town I decided to make fundamental changes. I decided to go to some other country and even better if that country would be on the other continent and it is better to find country I have never been before. Many would say it is easy to change the lifestyle at once if you don’t have family, obligations connected closely to family and children. Well, that is my case and that is how it happened to me, I’m sorry if you are only dreaming about the same and that’s why reading this, but I’m telling my story here and that is how it was with me.

I went to Europe in April. My country of destination was Czech Republic. I was searching countries where to go to Europe and information I got showed me that Czech Republic suits me the best. I have never been to this country before and didn’t know what to expect. I was anxious about visiting Prague, the capital of the country and when it finally happened I decided to go to my goal and find the girlfriend here in Czech Republic. It was blossoming Spring as for me the best time for dating. To say the truth,  I didn’t know what my real aim was; I didn’t know whether I just want to spend some good time with some of these pretty Slavic girls or I have serious intentions; I was just enjoying my free time and later on it flowed like a frigate in calm water full of happiness.

She was sitting the next table with two other girls and one guy. They were celebrating birthday of one of her friends as I got to know later. She glanced at me and smiled and I smiled as well. In five or ten minutes the girl who had birthday asked me to greet her as she has birthday and asked me to join their table. I ordered a bottle of champagne and surely did so; I joined their table. We started chatting to my future girlfriend; by the way, her name was Berta. Then we went to the disco, were drinking and dancing, having fun. The evening ended quickly as they took a cab and went home and I went to my rented apartment. In the morning I realized I have a hangover and I didn’t asked her number. The time was passing buy and I kept thinking about her. I didn’t know how to find her.

In hope to find my Czech girl named Berta I visited that café every day during two months and one day that helped! It was June Saturday evening; I was looking at the monitor of my laptop sipping coffee. Suddenly I felt like someone drilling me with sight; looked up and seen her smiling. My happiness that day knew no boundaries. We were talking for more than four hours and it felt like there are no other people around us. I got to know she lives in small town 60 miles from Prague and visits capital rarely, but she likes this place with her friends to visit and what is more, today they wanted to go to some other restaurant but she insisted on this one like if she felt something. This time I already took her number and here our relationships started to develop quickly with new strength. I was living and working in Prague and she visited me often. I visited her home town. We were travelling around Europe and world together. We visited my parents in the U.S. and we’ve visited her parents at her home town. Now we are living together in Prague and Berta has found job here as well. I like my perfect, beautiful, kind, nice, intelligent and hot Berta! People, I assure you: Czech girlfriends are the best in the world!

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