My personal experience with Icelandic girlfriend and my tips and advices

Dating Icelandic girlfriend is fascinating thing though it includes all paradigm of feelings from something weird to something non-discovered, pleasantly exotic to something unbelievable, non understandable but sweet as honey at the same time. What experience you gonna have depends on many factors where predominant are your type of character and what kind of person is chosen by you Icelandic girlfriend. It is always interesting, hard to predict relations which could be characterized by phrase ‘you never know’.

I will try to divide my experience with Icelandic girlfriend into logical paragraphs so it was better for you to understand how it is to be with girl from Iceland.

So, we live together with my girl and share apartment. How it is? As for me it is good. He likes everything to be on its places and I liked to throw my clothes and things where I want. She made me forgot this habit and actually I like it because such a simple at first look thing made my whole life more planned and I became more successful in my business.

My girlfriend has strong character and she likes to rule. I don’t have such a strong character and she uses the possibility to rule. She does it in a gentle manner, but she rules. It is vivid even in bed as she likes to be on top and dominate. It drives me crazy in a good sense of word. Many say that Icelandic women accept only equal relations between man and woman but in my case she is more dominant and she has more power, but it is what I was looking for and I like it.

If you are kind of American guy who is looking for traditional type of girl with whom you are going to create family it might be hard with Icelandic girl, but not with every Icelandic girl, of course. Many Icelandic girls prefer free style of common living where girl has space for self development and boyfriend is kind of good edition who does not disturb her self development, does not intrude too much into her personal space. If you look for traditional family type of woman it is better to look in direction of Ukraine, Belarus or Moldova.

Relations of American with Icelandic girlfriend is some different than usual relations of Americans with foreign girlfriend where girl often uses his material advantages and pluses of perspective American citizenship. American Icelandic relations often do not have financial interest of the girl and so are based on something different like feelings, mutual interest, cultural magnetism etc. This is great type of mutual interest between people where both are enjoying themselves and build something bigger. Although it could be such relations are based on one thing only, sex, for example. Then when interest of one partner fades relations get broken soon and some of the couple gets stress, broken heart and low self esteem at the end.

To sum up it is good to say relations with Icelandic girl is such a great cocktail of feelings where you have to be attentive and careful, not getting used too much and get pleasure every day not making too much illusions for the future. Also remember it is my experience and every case is different and if you are building your own future with Icelandic girl – build it not reading forums, sites and other sources as the best advisors are your heart and soul.

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