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If you want to marry Belarus girl, just one will sometimes is not enough. If you have already found girl from Belarus, whom you love very much and now decided to get married, you probably would like to know what documents you need and what documents your Belarus bride must have to get married legally. Actually, there are two ways to get married with Belarusian woman, either in Belarus or in your country. If you decided to have the ceremony in your country, she must have for sure certificate of marital status (proves she is not married in Belarus) and the notarized translation of her passport (might be not needed as she has international passport in English).

Imagine, one day you wake up in the morning and bump into idea “I want to marry Belarus woman!” I would not ask you how did you come to this idea, but if you are here, you are more than serious. If you have already found your future bride from Belarus and want to marry her in your home country and your home country is USA or other country citizens of Belarus need to have visa to enter, there are peculiarities we tell you about.

To get the so-called wedding visa (bride/groom visa), you must submit to the embassy of the country of residence of the future wife of documents for registration of marriage in this country. For this Belarusian citizen need to have on hand “marriage invitation”, drawn up with the local authorities of the country, and other documents.

Standard package of documents for marriage abroad, usually includes the birth certificate of the new sample, a certificate of marital status certificate from the housing department (of family members), and all the certificate of divorce and the court’s decision only if the person was previously married.

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Some countries require a certificate of previous marriage. When it comes to Belarusian woman moving abroad with a child, it is necessary to have child birth certificate and permission of the other parent (father).

All documents must be apostiled in the Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Documents can also be translated and notarized. For visa to Germany, all documents must be legalized.

Upon marriage to a foreigner Belarusian woman has the following rights:

– Right to legal residence in the state. Usually initially given a visa for 1 year, then it shall be extended for another year, then it is unlimited, and after a certain time (depending on the state) person can apply for citizenship;

– Right to work;

– The right to move through the state. If a country is included in the Schengen agreement, the right to travel to all countries of Schengen  zone.

The most popular countries Belarusian women get married and rules of marriage in these states


Marriage of Belarusian to a citizen of Italy

If Belarusian woman decided to marry a citizen of Italy, she should know that it can be done only after receiving the so-called permission to marry.

Marriage in Italy

If the marriage is registered in Italy, first of all, Belarusian citizen need to contact the Italian Registry Office for a list of documents required for marriage. As a rule, the following documents are required for Belarusian bride:

  • Birth certificate;
  • Certificate from the place of residence (registration);
  • A statement of marital status.

In case if there was a previous marriage, as a rule, in addition served divorce certificate and copy of the judgment of divorce (if there was a trial) or death certificate of former spouse. All documents from the citizen of Belarus should be legalized and translated.


Marriage of Belarusian to a citizen of Germany

To everyone who decided to marry a citizen of Germany it is desirable to get acquainted with the peculiarities of the registration of marriage. We would like to warn that this procedure is quite complicated and will require you some effort and time.

Marriage in Germany

If the marriage is registered in Germany, first of all, you need to contact the German registry office for a list of the documents required by the Belarusian side. That’s where you get the full list of documents that are required to present the future spouses.

As a rule, the for Belarusian bride/groom following documents are required:

  • birth certificate;
  • a statement of marital status ;
  • certificate from the place of residence (registration);
  • a certified copy of the foreign or domestic passport (in Belarus such a document can be obtained by assuring copy of your passport at the embassy of Germany).

In case if there was a previous marriage, as a rule, in addition served divorce certificate and copy of the judgment of divorce (if there was a trial) or death certificate of former spouse.

All documents from the citizen of Belarus must be apostilled and translated into German with notarization. In some states may require that the translation would have been carried out by a sworn translator in Germany. Documents Belarusian bride/groom serve documents to the Department of Civil Registry Office in Germany, where they are checked and usually after permission to marry is given. This permit is served by the Belarusian side in the German Embassy in Belarus for further bride/groom visa.

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Marriage of Belarusian to a citizen of Spain

Marry a citizen of Spain can be possible both in Belarus and in Spain. The next step after you have decided that the marriage will be the selection and preparation of necessary documents for Belarusian bride/groom.

Marriage in Spain

For marriage in Spain Belarusian will need to go through two stages of processing of documents:

Stage 1 – for marriage;

Stage 2 – for registration of residence.

This embodiment has certain drawbacks:

  • long wait in Spain, sometimes 3-4 months, and as a consequence – visa overdue and sometimes illegal status already at the time of marriage;
  • the need to return to Belarus for a visa “D” category or the long wait in Spain for possibility to apply for a residence permit. Sometimes a wait period exceeding one year. When returning to Belarus you come in violation of the visa regime;

Immediately after the marriage Belarusian wife will not be able to fully enjoy freedom of movement, as she will have overdue visa.

For the Spain citizen the procedure is simplified, as all the paperwork and conjugate with this complexity falls on Belarus citizen.

Marriage conducted in Belarus

Marriage enclosed in Belarus is fully equivalent to a marriage enclosed in Italy, Spain or any other country. Foreign husband (wife) in accordance with the Belarusian marriage certificate has the same rights as a foreign spouse (wife. Belarusian marriage certificate legalized marriage is confirmed in the Embassy and considered valid.

If you were married in Belarus, then in case of need you have to get divorced in Belarus. As is known, Belarus protects primarily the interests of its citizens, and this means that the procedure of divorce will be easier for Belarus citizen and the financial loss is much less.

If you still are looking for Belarus women for marriage, now you know the rules of marriage and what documents and actions you have to make if your dream time is close. Good luck with marriage and wish you always be happy.

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