Must know on the first date with Serbian girl

First date is what you as the man don’t have to spoil as this could mean either start of new relation or loud fail. But even if something goes wrong and the girl would not be eager to go with you for the second date it is not a big deal as your relations has not started yet and did not grow into something bigger. So, as the result you don’t have to worry about, BUT it is IMPORTANT to make right conclusions so the next time you have successful date with Serbian girl. The other case is when you think of the first date with the girl you really like and unsuccessful first date would break you and low your self esteem down. Our advices would feat both: if you are preparing for the first date with Serbian girl you like or if you just going to Serbia for vacation tour and assume dating with girls from Serbia. Let’s move to actual advices which would make your first date with Serbian girl perfect.

The main advice which you would find everywhere is to be yourself. If the girl does not like you the way you are, this is not your girl. This is simple, sometimes cruel, but this is truth. You cannot interest girl who is not interested in you. Yes, you could try to pay a lot of efforts like expensive presents, attention, pleasant surprises, but this would only help for some short period of time as the girl would be just a consumer and you will never be happy with such person. Within some time she would leave you and it would be much harder for you, because until that time you would get used to her. To be happy in relations interest should be mutual. Another case if you do something wrong and most of first dates end up for you with fail. Here it is more complicated case and you have to analyze your behavior. You have to analyze what you do wrong, what drawbacks you have and work on it. If you have weak character you have to work on it. Do meditation, go to the gym, read literature and improve yourself as self development is part of our life. Confident and happy man always attracts Serbian women and your first date would be successful (unless she is not your type of the girl). When you are working on your problems it is good to get acquainted with girls, spend time with them and don’t to be afraid of their company. It is not going only about dating, but about going for coffee with girl friends, visiting interesting places, chatting about everything.

Ideal option if on the first date with Serbian girl you behave easy, relaxed and as if it is not really a date or not something serious. Then you are not nervous and it makes it better. But only very confident men with strong type of character could behave like that and most obvious they are not reading this text right now. You should keep in mind that not only you are anxious about first date, but the girl as well. First date with Serbian girl would be successful if you are stronger then her. I mean not physically stronger, but have more strong character, will and at least ability to show it. Serbian girls like to be followed by the man even if they do not show it. When man leads, Serbian girl feels safe with him and this comfort and his reliability would attract her all the time. According to this you have to be the leader on the first date with Serbian girl.

Your leading role you could play using different tricks. Start from choosing the places you are going to visit during the first date. You have to be initiative and even though Serbia is not your country, you are foreigner, new guy in the place you have to plan places of visit yourself in advance. Choose a park where you are going to walk. Choose restaurant you are going to visit. If during the date you see some interesting attraction you take her hand and make her follow you. Taking hand is much more important than you think as if she follows you then she is subconsciously showing you she is ready to follow you lifetime long. But this action should be done at ease, as if suddenly and like you did not plan (but you did, actually).

For the first date with Serbian girl it is great to bring a bouquet of flowers. Not a big one so it would be comfortable for her to carry it. Flowers make Serbian girls melt. Use this trick as it is almost a must which would bring your karma to higher levels.

Your appearance should be attractive. Serbian girls pay a lot of attention to man’s appearance. And if it is the first date attention is tripled. Serbian mentality is different from American and Serbian girl thinks if you treat her seriously you treat the first date with her seriously and should be prepared for it seriously. Jeans and shirt are ok, but they have to be neat. You have to use good perfumes but not to exaggerate with the quantity. On the first date with Serbian girl it is better to wear long pants, but not shorts even if it is hot, because beach boy look could be treated as kind of disrespect. Don’t be afraid, I am talking only about first date, later you could use your usual day style. Good luck on the first date!

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