Moldovan women dating with Americans

Who are those Moldovan women who are so willing to go dating with Americans? Or maybe those are all Moldovan women who would like just with the whole small country to move to the US and create fifty second state, as if there is Georgia in the USA, why there could not be Moldova. Of course, I am joking, but I am just trying to find out, are there so many those Moldovan young girls who would leave everything, including parents, friends and all previous life just to go to America, and because of this reason they are ready to go dating with Americans to get a chance for future marriage as one of the ways of escaping Moldova. Of course, not every girl you suddenly pick on the street of Chisinau would eager to have a date with you, if you are American citizen, but most of them would. The reason for this is not American men are so great, but it is because of poverty that influences this country and its citizens in different ways. First of all Moldovan poverty makes every American man rich in the eyes of average Moldovan girl, even if he is poor in the USA, he is wealthy man for her in Moldova. And must say it is partially true, because with Moldovan exchange rates and prices American citizen would feel rich man.

Not every Moldovan girl realizes is she is dating with American guy; this might be a kind of interesting time spending for a while and nothing more. And she would think is he chose her out of others; she has some chances to become his wife. This works not every time and many disappointed girls lose their hope in American prince. And if we put ourselves in the shoes of that average American man, who visits Moldova, what would we do? Imagine you came to the country where your month salary is about 2 years of work in Moldova and there are plenty of pretty girls everywhere. More of that, they are eager to communicate with you and some would even like to spend a night with you. Why that man has to choose only one girl and stop his search of joy? Only in some rare cases he would meet the only one, who will become his wife, but such cases are untypical. Can we condemn American man? I guess, no. Rather Moldovan women have to understand most of American and Western European guys are coming to Moldova not to find a bride, but to have fun and spend a great time as they see it. If many Moldovan women behave in such a way (I’m not saying all), they attract men by such behavior. Interesting well known fact that man is interested in woman, who plays a game, called “I’m not paying attention to you”. The main thing is men like naughty women, whom they have to conquer, but those who are easy to access usually are for one-night stand.

And what about those girls who are from Moldova, but live in the United States? Of course, they are different from their compatriots in the native country, I’ll assure you. If they were smart and inventive enough to get visa to the USA and live there legally, that means they are special in some way. Those girls usually are students of International exchange problems or are high class specialists, working for USA companies. They are also pretty, but they are self-sufficient and do not need just “any” man. They would not even go for a date with some silly boy from the outskirts. If you want to start dating such a girl, you have to make her interested in you. The other ways are not possible or hardly possible. Moldovan women are intelligent and they understand they are prettier than many average American women and if so, why not to catch some “big fish”. One more type of Moldovan women who live in the USA are wives of Americans, whom they’ve got married and escaped from Moldova. With this type you don’t have chances for happy dating and for some dating at all as they are already married.

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