Moldovan women: brief characteristics

Internet, as well as television has become an integral part of our lives, and reached the most remote parts of the world. We used to order a huge number of services without leaving home. Our lifestyle became rapid, the days go by so quickly and quietly that it is absolutely not enough time for anything, and much less we have for looking a dating service, and even less time for marriage. Happy are those who managed to find their part without Internet services.

Moldovan girls and women are paying special attention to their appearance, they prefer elegant casual wear, certainly studs, platforms or just high heels. Therefore, they always look attractive and impressive, as if just came out of the beauty salon. All Moldovan girls as if they were specially selected are beautiful, blooming, tanned with white-toothed smiles. It used to be that in many former Soviet republics girls were seeking marriage until they get 20 and were preparing to become a good mother, but now girls in Moldova are getting married in more older age.

Global feminization naturally brings changes in Moldovans women’s education, but it happens not very fast, in spite of the location in Central Europe and close democratic Germany and Italy with much more emancipated women. Moldovan women are very welcoming, easily reaching the contact, they are modern, hardworking and eager to take its rightful place in society.

Moldavian women are beautiful, feminine and strive to build a strong family. They are good housewives, pay special attention to the kitchen. Moldavian cuisine borrowed a lot from Ukrainian, Romanian, Bulgarian and Russian cuisine, although there are true Moldovan traditional food. Moldovan woman will prepare you very tasty properly cooked polenta with grilled river fish, amazing deputy with chicken – a traditional Moldavian soup, mititey – small grilled sausages minced with meat, sarmoale – something like cabbage roles, but stuffed in grape leaves, or leaves very sour cabbage leaves, there is still a lot of all sorts of goodies. Everything is perfectly prepared by Moldovan women, seeking to create a special warm atmosphere in the house. Certainly Moldovan woman is every man’s dream!

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