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If you are looking for the spot of Moldovan women who are ready to marry guy from West, the country of Moldova is a good place to choose. Take into consideration that Moldova is considered as the best country in Eastern Europe to pick up girls during the day and nightclubs and nightlife is also good for that. Be ready that some of that Moldovan beauties could conquer your heart and long-term relations that would lead to the marriage are what you may expect. If you started to look up for girls from Moldova and decided to visit the country, it is the best to start search in Chisinau, the capital of Moldova.

Economics and material issues are very important in everything that concerns Moldova. Moldova is the most poor country in the whole Europe. The country has some special mixture of Romanian, Ukrainian with the influence of Russian. Country is poor and many girls would like to escape Moldova. And though if you want to find a wife who will love you, money is not the best thing to operate with, but having money might be a plus for you. With money you can choose from big amount of girls, but remember that love and money are different things.

People in Moldova are educated and smart. This country has difference in status, because there you will find very poor people and those who are extremely rich. By poor I mean very small wages, because you will not see it as something vivid. Those people are just struggling to survive. Is it safe to travel Moldova? Yes. Most of the cities are safe and foreigner face with good attitude.

If you want to find real life in Moldova, you have always keep in mind there are girls who would like to use you because of your money. They are professional scammers. Real love is the feeling that particular girl likes you can be observed with her actions. Such a girl would never demand some stuff to buy her or visit expensive restaurants. Such a girl usually is modest or shy, though, not always. It is understandable that if country is poor, some women try to benefit on the foreigner who is rich in their opinion. Although, there are many women who would eagerly sacrifice her to family, children and husband, because this is how those Moldovan women were grown up by parents.

What Moldova girls look like?

In one word to describe Moldovan woman I can tell they are beautiful. According to some man, they are the most beautiful girls in the world. Girls from Moldova are mixture of Slavic and Romanian culture types and from this we get their pretty appearance. Most likely average Moldovan girl has dark hair. I guess it is because of influence Tatars that are genetically brunette. Most of the girls have slim figure. If you would like to chat with Moldovan girls online, it is better to do on social networks, because there you have more chances to find real girl. Usually girls from this country are happy to chat with foreigner. You have to be ready for online translator if you do dot speak Ukrainian, Russian or Romanian. If you use English language dating site in search of Moldova girls, be ready there are many scammers and do not chat with those who asks you for money.

Traveling to Moldova find girls

Besides the capital it is good to look up for girls in Tiraspol and Bălţi, a big cities with big amount of single women. The smaller city is, the more open girls are, the less emancipated girls you would found there. If you visit Rural areas of Moldova, you also have a great chance to find kind girls of genuine beauty. Rural areas are also great opportunity to eat great healthy food that is cheap and mostly organic. As a place for living you can choose hostels, where you can meet girls from other countries, communist style hotels or you may rent an apartment and the more you pay the better it would be. If you walk down the street ans someone calls you for money, never explain yourself to anyone. Ignore those women who are eager to give you love and show feelings for your money. There are many nice girls in Moldova who are able to treat you as you are. I would not say most of Moldovan girls are faithful believers, but most of them are Orthodox Christians.

What is the best way to get to Moldova? Try flight to Odesa, Ukraine and that take a bus to Chisinau. This would be safe and chippest way.

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