Moldavian girls were working for webcam in public library

What was once considered immoral, may become the norm in our society. The case of the provision of sexual services on-line in one of the Chisinau library violently discussed in social networks. Girls participating in this video are not only criticized, but also found vengeance protection. Referring to the fact that in Moldova these girls have nowhere to work and generally they do anything wrong, and it would be necessary to legalize the whole thing.

In my opinion, online prostitution is as disgusting thing as normal prostitution. It is, to some extent, even worse, because many feel that virtual sex is harmless and spending money for it is not shameful. To all defenders of webcam models I want to say: you say that this is normal and girls did not do anything bad and make money not in the worst way possible. Isn’t there anything else they are able to do? You get up every day and go to work on your normal kind of work, where you do not have to bare body parts, why you could, but these ladies could not? Probably because they did not search normal job.

You being grown up men sit and argue that this is normal, not thinking that once your eighteen years old daughter asks you to buy her the last iPhone and for some reasons you’ll refuse her, but then she will earn money for what she needs is such a simple way. You will say that your child would not do this because of good upbringing. Well, why than you think such a way to make money is normal?

Members of the scandalous video could be brought to the court

Lovers to undress in the library can be prosecuted for pimping and prostitution. Directors of a number of libraries have learned girls filmed on video. According to them, the girls always had a laptop and behaved strangely. “They behaved noisily talking among themselves, sometimes playing among the bookshelves. Asked certain books, but then did not read it and that caused suspicion among librarians “- says the director of the municipal library named after B.P. Hasdeu Mariana Harzhevski.

On the question of whether someone saw the girls undressed in the library, Harzhevski said that librarians have seen such a scene a week ago, and warned them to call the police. After that, the girls called a taxi and drove away. So-called webcam models were learned not only by the employees of the central building of the municipal library, but also by the librarians fo 10 other branches of the institution. They also were seen at the reading rooms of the National Library.

Police establishes the identity of girls. Thereafter, it would be decided whether is is a criminal case or an administrative case. If the virtual models would be held responsible for prostitution, they face a fine of 1,200 lei and 40 hours of unpaid work. In the case of a criminal case under the article pimping, they face up to five years in prison.

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