Men from Czech Republic in context of international spouses

It is very possible that such situation could be possible when woman from some country from abroad, for example, from the United States of America has met man from Czech Republic and would like to have some serious relations with him; those relations could have started like romantic dating or romance in the mountains but then it became more serious and such American woman is trying to understand with what kind of man she has to deal with. There is a lot written on the internet about Czech men and, probably, even more in magazines and books;  but at the same time if we have tons of information about Czech women, then Czech men are unfairly deprived of attention. There is popular stereotype that men from Czech Republic are fat, or at least they have beer belly, because they drink a lot of beer and have lack of movement during the day; there is also a thought that because of national tradition of drinking beer, Czech men have women’s like figure; exactly – thin shoulders and wide butt and this is because beer contains surrogate of estrogen, women’s hormone and it influences Czech men a lot, suppressing testosterone and making men women kind; making them behave like women. I don’t know whether all of these stereotypes are truth, but there are many of things you may observe yourself in Czech Republic; so if you are American girl eager to explore Czech men, don’t hesitate and do it yourself; your American passport allows doing that easily.

Czech men: What are they like? If you still believe in stereotypes I would advise you to understand that every man is unique human being and that is why it is necessary to see what specific features he has. It is not possible that every man from Czech Republic was fat or addicted to beer, for example; if to speak in terms of general understanding of personality, they are very understandable, as for me. Czech men are gentle, respect women’s individuality and are not against if woman is in charge of some life sphere; just at least only by this fact they are very different from their Eastern European counterparts. Many Czech men are doing sports or some other physical activities to be healthy and they also choose healthy cuisine despite the fact national Czech cuisine includes many dishes with meet and they are quite greasy. It is possible when they are addicted to alcohol or have some other bad habits but there are not much of such men; most of men of the country are successful in what they are doing and physically strong; in Czech Republic professions that include physical work are very popular and they are even proud to do something like a physical worker rather than to be professor at the University.

You have met man from Czech Republic and not sure what person he is and what type of character he has? Czech men prefer to work normal working day without extra hours and because salaries in this country are quite competitive they have free time to spend for themselves and to take care about their fitness and appearance. Many of them are working and travelling abroad and that’s why there are many quite open personalities among them; they are ready to understand foreign cultures and are willing to experiment on relationships with women from different parts of the world; marriages between Czech men and American women, for example, make to happen. So, if you have found some Czech guy and decide whether to have further relationship with him or not I would advise you to pay attention what person he is, but not to his Czech origin or nationality; Czech men recommended themselves well. At the same time you have to pay attention not to miss your chance, because you have strong competitors as Ukrainian and Russian women whom men from Czech Republic willingly take for wives not even talking about dating. Be more confident and if you liked some Czech guy try to rich the goal and conquer his heart.

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