Marrying Colombian Woman

What should man know before marrying Colombian woman?

Question concerning not only Colombian but all the women of the world. Because wedding is responsible step in everyone’s life, every man is nervous about future.

When marrying Colombian woman every man should feel responsible. By the way, Colombian women got used that man is the head of a family and live such family life, so it might be special advantage to you, but if you are not first time married, it could appear as weird to you and even to be considered by you as a disadvantage.

In case with Colombian wife, she will expect you, as her man to rule the family, that implies clearly vivid facts like to her protection if necessary, to earn more than she does and much more. It doesn’t mean, though, that Colombian wife is lazy and likes just be at home and do nothing. The same as her husband, Colombian wife goes to work, but except for that, she also cooks at home after, and preparing food for beloved man and family is not something obligatory – she just likes to do that and got used to that. If man does not do house work with her, including cleaning, washing, she will do that herself with no complaints, because she treats that as normal. Interesting and precious they are, Colombian women. Remember, that every person gets bored, gets tired and if your Colombian wife will do all the house work, and in addition take home children from school, she could be to tired to give you romantic pleasures and of course, you don’t want that.

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Marrying Colombian girl, after marriage bring her flowers, not on purpose, but just as a sign of your attention. Do it spontaneously, and if not on holiday or purpose, she would appreciate that double.

If you are going to marry woman from Colombia, look up in advance for legislative peculiarities and also what documents you need to get married and also what documents your future Colombian wife need. Actually, there are two ways to marry Colombian woman. The first one, to do it in Colombia and the second one is to marry Colombian woman in your home country. It is up to you both where to get married.

Before marriage, remember that Colombia woman have high level of intelligence and are both – book-smart and street-smart. Beautiful cover usually does not show inner world of its body. So, if you are not able to communicate with such types of girls, better not marry Colombian woman, otherwise there is a high chance to get divorce.

If you are going to marry Colombian woman, do not think you are better in something only because you are foreigner from developed West. Colombia is versatile and diverse country, with very high rate of corruption and people, who learned to survive in this reality. Colombians are nice, in most cases hospitable, nice, kind and smart people. Never humiliate your future Colombian wife, otherwise you will get harsh repulse. Descent Colombian girl would live in Colombia, trying to survive and work hard. She could have unlucky marriage experience and divorce, but she would work non-stop to survive and find better life. She is not waiting for you, but if she finds, and you both fell something more than just interest and it lasts for a long time, than it is your girl, and it doesn’t matter, who she is by origin.

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Decided to marry beauty from poor country? What do you expect to achieve? Remember that every person is unique and it does not depend on country. Visit Colombia first and learn the way of life people live in this country. In cities it flows faster and in rural areas it is much different. By the way, every big city has its own differences and crime rates as well, so be careful. Visit Colombia and try to live there for some time. During that keep learning new, analyze, chill and only than marry Colombian woman. Visiting Colombia yourself, without help of dating agencies could bring you real chance to find true love and beautiful Colombian wife.

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