Marrying Bulgarian woman

What should man know before marrying a Bulgarian woman? Question that concerns not only Bulgarian women but their “colleagues” from the rest of the world. Wedding is the ceremony that brings 50 points of stress out of 100 possible, 100 is a funeral of a close relative, this is according to psychiatrists. So, almost every man is nervous before wedding. No doubts it is responsible step but too much of nervs is either no good so try to relax. Remember, that marrying your Bulgarian woman you become responsible for her. You are going to be the head of the family and all responsible desicions she expects you to take, even if she discusses it with you, the last word is after you. You have to prove you are real man, but you might have done it before, otherwise she wouldn’t agreed to marry you.

If necessary, you have protect her, even in agressive way. To protect your wife and your family. You have to work and bring much more money to the family than your wife. She will work also, but except for that she takes care about the house, prepares food and looks after the children. You will share this obligations and duties, but only if you wish so. She expects you to work and bring money, rule the family and take vital decisions – the rest is on her shoulders. From time to time help your Bulgarian wife about the house, because she would not ask for that but would really thankful and surprise you somehow in pleasant way if you show care and help.

Keep in mind she is woman and she has to spend time with her friends, shopping and gossiping. Make her surprises like making presents and presenting flowers. Remember she is highly intelligent except for being very pretty. You have to be able to speak on different topics as your Bulgarian wife is smart and has to find you interesting person as well.

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Do not treat yourself as better because you are American and every Bulgarian girl is ready to marry you next day. It is not true and if Bulgarian woman is ready to marry you, she liked you as you are, as a person and it is not about your citizenship. Bulgaria is poor European country, but more rich that other world counrties. It has unique culture and people learned how to survive for a long time so are morally strong, street smart and creative, being able to find a solution from the hardest situation and survive where other would pass away. Bulgarian woman is daughter of smart people, who raised her in cultural traditions and religious atmosphere, so respect that even if she doesn’t show her connection to those traditions much. Never humiliate the feelings of Bulgarian girl or it would lead to your divorce or the end of relations if you aren’t married. Do not believe stereotypes about easy girls in Bulgaria. Such girls are everywhere and in Bulgaria their ammount is not bigger than in any other country. Visit Bulgaria and you will see a lot of respectable with high level of morality and dignity women. Remember you will have to compete Bulgarian men if you would like to date some Bulgarian girl. She will have to choose you because you are more interesting. But Bulgarian man are also good looking, wearing good clothes, having money. It is not that easy to find good intelligent and pretty woman who is not scammer and would like to marry you showing pure feelings. Keep that in mind, before visiting Bulgaria. And if you want to find Bulgarian wife, visit the country, explore culture and traditions, find some new good friends, hang out with them for some time. It is the best way to find a girl who would possibly become your wife in the future. It is much better way than Internet search and faked profiles, believe me.

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