Marrying Belarusian Woman

To many might seem interesting the fact that Belarusian women are so popular among Italian men. The reason for this popularity is not only the availability of Belarusian women. Easygoing woman in Minsk, which get aquaintad to the Italians is not the kind of women man usually get married to. These Belarusian women whom you met by chance on the street are usually very nice and friendly. If tie with them some close connections and communication it could grow into full-fledged relationship within some time. Men would benefit from these relationships and get a lot of positive. If Belarusian brides are so good, it may be wise to make decision to marry one of them? This thought is logical conclusion of what the Italians know about Belarusian women.

Every man wants to have a good and beautiful wife. Belarus supplies brides not only for Italians but for other foreigners as well. In Italy it is difficult to find a beautiful young girl who is ready to marry average usually elder man with middle-income. But Belarusian women are ready for a better life to marry an Italian. Such marriage is beneficial to the Italian because he is getting married to beautiful young wife, who is a good hostess, loving wife and good mother for children. Moreover, she will take a marriage as a gift of fate and would not want to return home. Belarusian women are rarely known being feminist and consider the man head of the family. However, they skillfully manage it for the good of the family and family for them is essential in life.

Is it so rosy? Is Belarus haven for foreigners who want to find a beautiful wife? Like everything in life that can not be wholly true. There are many Belarusian girls who want to marry a foreigner, but they are not specifically looking for a man. There are some girls that specifically apply to marriage agencies, but these girls are very few and they often have dishonest intentions. It is the best to marry the girl you met by chance and the one you like as a person. Only after that marriage could be possible. Often those Belarusian women who come to the marriage agencies, intended to marry a foreigner to gain financial independence. They know that the foreign fiance will fulfill material support. These women know that they are beautiful and smart, so they use it. They believe that these qualities are worth their decent score, so do not go to work and stay at home. Over time, married couple gets irritated and angry. Husband is pist, because his wife spends time at home only. But we should take into account that the Belarusian university diploma is not recognized in foreign countries and Belarusian woman can not find a decent job. Also take note of the words that Belarusian woman can have face with language barrier or might not know a foreign language. It may also be a barrier to finding work abroad. Belarusian women are often very naive. They think that abroad they will be in paradise, but they do not think that overseas people have the same problems as elsewhere. Life does not seem so fantastic, because the reality is quite severe. These women live in a different culture and environment. It is very difficult for them. They do not get usual support of friends and family.

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There are different types of Belarusian women, but it is possible that you will meet the described type. They are not bad, they just do not realize that they can get into trouble. Be prepared for the fact that if you are married to Belarusian girl, you need to take care of her. You have to be in her shoes. Support her mentally. Culture shock is also an important thing. Give your foreign wife support and then she will thank you a hundred times more. There is another type of Belarusian brides that will pleasantly surprise you. This is a woman with a good knowledge of foreign languages. They lead an active life, earn good money and make themselves secure. They often travel abroad and there is no need for them to marry Italians or the Americans. For them, the main is man’s heart. These girls can communicate with both compartiots and foreigners in social networks.

This type of brides is the best for foreigners. These women are independent and there is no difference for them where to live – in Belarus, Italy or the United States. If such woman decided to be your bride, then you are a true lucky because she chose you as you are. She likes you as a person and does not treat you as a purse and will always appreciate you. If you had a chance to get to know this woman, do not miss it. If one day you meet her, you will never forget.

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