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For some interested men who is looking for women from Romania to marry, I will tell first of all it is correct to say and write “marry Romanian girl”, but not the way you have written in the search engine or as it is said in the topic of this article. If you have started this search, I have to say there is great and high possibility to find Romanian women in The United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands or any other prosperous and rich country of Europe.

Such a high possibility to meet there Romanian woman is because many Romanians went West in search of well payee job as labor migrants. They are going to earn some money abroad and come back home to buy some realty, a car or to pay the debts or to pay for studies at the University. Such situation is typical for many Romanian families and it is not secret many pretty Romanian girls who work abroad, would like not to come back home to poor Romania, but to stay for life in Great Britain or Netherlands. One of the ways to stay in beloved Western country for permanent leaving is to marry a citizen of this country and Romanian women eagerly marrying British, German, Italian guys for the chance to live in better country than their motherland. But here I must say, this is going about women of the country that is already in European Union. There are some restrictions for Romanians in Schengen countries, but you cannot compare them to Serbian, Belarusian or Moldovan women (though Europe is visa free for Moldovans). The expectations for marriage of Romanian woman might be high and she might just use you for her reasons and marriage without real feelings is supposed to be finished catastrophically. Maybe you both will achieve your goals – she would get citizenship of your country and you would not only many time in bed with young beauty for free, but would also increase self-esteem by being in public places with such a pretty wife. Can we condemn Romanian women for such wish to leave in better world but not in poor Romania? Can we condemn Western men for need to feel affection, tenderness and endearment with nice caring Romanian wife if women of his own country never gave him anything like that? Of course, no. We cannot condemn, we may only say there are some general moral issues and principles, but we are no one to judge people according to these norms as we do not keep to them as well.

What advice can I give to those elder man from Western Europe or the U.S. who are over 55 and trying to look up for a wife from Romania? If you just would like to spend some great time with young Romanian girl, it is not necessary to marry her. If you still have a strong desire to marry Romanian woman and this decision is final, then you better to look up for women of slightly younger that your age. First of all, they are experienced and know what they want from life, probably values of life are the same as yours; she would look for the man who would understand her, for the man who is her soulmate and this is probably what you are looking for; even hiding this real feeling in the deep of your heart. What if 60 year old man and 25 year old Romanian girl would get married? Well, such cases are not something unreal, there are happy marriages like this, but most of them are conducted because young Romanian girl just wants to be rich lady, to use the husband for money to live luxury life, but some day she would either betrayed him or leave him, taking a great part of his money. Too big mental difference and generation gap between 25 and 60 and no none would do anything with that, no matter how many stories of happiness in such marriage I have heard before. I would just not believe in that; there are exceptions as anywhere, but they are minor and real statistics shows us completely different situation.

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What about color of skin of future husband Romanian women would prefer? Well, this should be white European man, I guess, as Romanians are of that type themselves; even though Romanians have dark skin and often are perceived for Gypsies, they are not, Romanians are separate from Roma’s nation, though have some features in common with the appearance. Does man of other races have a chance to marry Romanian girl? Of course they do, because it is going about some particular personal cases when woman is choosing a man by his feelings, character and attitude, but not a color of skin; it is all very personal and we may generalize, but it would be not true in particular case. If you are Asian or Afro-American, you don’t have to give up if you liked some Romanian girl, you have to act and see what the reaction from her side would be. You have to be sure you have even more pluses than European men have; at least, you are some unique man to her and unique man is interesting, the one who intrigues.

If you decided to marry Romanian woman it has to be clear decision, you have to feel you are ready to get married and material side (or your wallet or how wealthy you are) is playing main role here. Romanian girls are pretty and they know it. They are trying to use this beauty and sell it in a good sense of this word. There are many men in Romania, but women of this country would prefer rich one in most cases. (There are some facts of real love stories, but those are minor). Not telling you fairy tales about real love I would say there is strong material interest in relations that lead to marriage. Romanian women have free access to Western European countries and they would use this to find better way to survive. We cannot condemn them as every mother wishes prosperous and secure future for her children, especially if she leaved in poverty and wanted a candy, but it was too expensive to afford. Romanian woman would choose you if you are prominent by some factors: you are not ugly; she likes you; you have money; you are positive and have good sense of humor. Notice, there is no love here or some other stuff like real feelings, humor and great positive attitude to life is not necessary as well. After reading this article, you might probably have changed your mind about Romanian women. I would say this opinion is personal; you might have completely different experience. I will remind you once more, every woman is unique, not depending on the nationality; every case of dating and marriage with person of foreign culture is also unique and generalizations does not work in many cases. I wish you to have your own experience and describe it here on our website as there might be guys who are very interested in marriage with Romanian woman, but are not brave enough or just have not much inspiration to do that. Guys, here we are sharing our ideas, do not be offended, but be ready to open new parts of Romanian reality and here we are going to start from the girls.

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