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Most of Moldovan women who apply to marriage agencies would like to find husband of the same race and Christians preferred. It is natural that Moldovan woman is looking for that is what they got used to from childhood: almost never seen man of other race. Marriage with person of other race is not condemned in Moldova and at the same time most women would not like to have the same option. There are no racial problems in Moldova, but women prefer white man for husband, because there are almost no black or Asian people in Moldova.

What about racial differences when looking for Moldovan woman to marry? If you are not white and trying to find lady from Moldova, are you going just waste the time? Some man are interested with this question and I must say it depends in every case. Moldovan ladies usually keep in mind three types of man according to race: White, Asian and Colored. They do not divide white for Hispanic and other types, for example. Because Moldovan people in vast majority are Christians, women of this country would not prefer Arabs to have marriage with because of religious differences. To face the truth, white Europeans and Americans have the most chances to find wife in Moldova, as well as good chances have light color mulattoes. Unlike colored African man, whose chances to find wife in Moldova are miserable, but in any case there should be no disappointment, because the one who is looking for will find.

As for Asian origin man, although they have more chances than colored man from Africa, still they also are most likely to fail finding a bride in Moldova. Do not be disappointed after those words, because less chances does not mean no chances. There are successful stories on black and Asian man who found wife in Moldova and now live in happy marriage. But when you are going to Moldova, you have to be prepared in advance that your race might be a reason of rejection from Moldovan woman. Moldovan people are tolerant, but there are almost European white people, who live in their society and that is why they did not get used to interracial marriages.

If you are over 50 and want to find wife in Moldova, you have to look for ladies over 40 or give direct announcement in Moldova to specify which type of woman you are looking for. There are many single women over 40 in Moldova who have no chances to find man in their country because of there is lack of single men or he is alcohol addict, so these women would be glad to respond you. Do not make mistake by choosing 20 y.o. girl, because of big age difference she is more likely to use you to escape abroad and high chances in few years she will leave you. Women after 40 who live in Moldova often apply to marriage agencies to find husband overseas, so you have a great chance. Keep also in mind that many Moldovan women who are over 40 do not usually register in online services, but visit local dating agencies and their data is saved directly there. They are not as popular as younger 25 y.o. women and to find such woman for marriage is easier.

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  1. Mohamed says:

    Я 40-летний джентльмен из Египта,
    Я хочу 20-25 лет старой русской девушки для брака.
    Она должна быть вежливой, простой, приятной и предпочитающей светлыми волосами. (без проблем из деревни или подсобного хозяйства).
    Жду вашего ответа.

    С Уважением,

  2. Adam says:

    To Mohamed….Why are you such an arsehole???? Who told you this is a dating site?Why are you so stupid making your request on here?Don’t you read first of all the article up this page?Or you think you’re a smart ass?

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