Marriage with woman from Ecuador

Marriage with Ecuadorian woman seems today quite real thing and often to happen. Women of this Latin country are known as faithful and moral. Unlike women from other South American countries who are trying for any occasion to meet, date and marry foreigner and move to the U.S for permanent living; as the “weapon” they use first-night-in-bed trick; but they don’t know it does not work and is good for one-night-stand only 🙂 Ecuadorian women who are marrying foreign guys are different; not all of them, of course, but in the vast majority; at least as I have seen it in Ecuador.

Because Ecuadorian women like to live in their country and because Ecuador is comparatively rich, female representatives of this country are able to find prosperous fiancée in their home country without need and discomfort of leaving their country, facing cultural differences and language barrier issues.

If American, Canadian, Australian or U.K. citizen who visited Ecuador finds woman to marry here, he is great lucky because, first of all, he was looking for her for long time and she has to be diamond shining beauty (most of girls in Ecuador are not that pretty as for American taste); if he tried so hard, she loved him not because of his money and perspective to live in his home country, but because he earned that feelings of her. Ok, even if she is not real beauty and he chooses her for wife, that mean she is ideal for him in terms of character and inner beauty and their family would be happy. Read also: Why women of Ecuador are not eager to marry foreigners

What documents and procedures will need to have and to pass American citizen when conducting marriage with Ecuadorian woman?

A foreigner who wants to get married in Ecuador needs some documents and has to make some procedures:

  • Birth Certificate (apostilled and translated)
  • Previous Marriage Certificates (apostilled and translated)
  • Divorce Decree’s  or Death Certificates (apostilled and translated)

Immigration of Ecuadorian woman to the U.S.:

Take into consideration, the alien spouse of a U.S. citizen does not automatically acquire United States citizenship through marriage.  The spouse must obtain an immigrant visa to be able to immigrate to the United States.

Marriage with Ecuadorian woman is not very complicated procedure, it is much harder to find appropriate candidate. Marriage is important step in everyone’s life and if you decided to make this step with Ecuadorian girl, make sure this is serious and best of all once and forever. Do not forget about trivial things like Spanish language, because without Spanish your communication and therefore finding the best match in Ecuador is unlikely to happen.

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  1. Yakubu Saad says:

    I’m from Nigeria and just recently Ecuador signed a visa agreement with my country. That has prompted me to do a research on the country and its people. Honestly I really want to marry a woman from Ecuador and external beauty is not the thing but inner beauty and attitudes. But it’s also important to know how women from there treat black males especially from Africa before making any move.

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