Marriage with Uruguayan girl – tip and thoughts of the foreigner

If you decided to marry woman from Uruguay you will have to face up with some paper routine, but men who has found his treasure in nice Uruguay woman would overcome all difficulties and obstacles to reach the aim.

Marriage is serious step and before marrying girl from Uruguay you have to understand many things that would have no sense in case you are getting married with girl in your home country.

First obstacle is language barrier and to avoid this you have either speak good Spanish or she has to speak descent English; within the time you both will communicate greatly in both language but at the very beginning of the family life it may cause some discomfort.

The second obstacle is mental differences and cultural diversion; you both were grown up and rose up in different families with different cultural influence; as the westerner, you are usually more open and have wide vision of the world, but you have to respect morals and cultural aspects of your Uruguayan wife and not force her “to do it in western way”, to do in a way you see it and in a way you want it.

The third obstacle could be religion. Most of people in Uruguay are formally Roman Catholics, but some of young girls are visiting the church every Sunday and some almost never do it. In any case, you have to be very tolerant to her religious views and do not offend her, because arguing on religious ground are one of the most dangerous and may even lead to the break of relations.

The other obstacles that might appear when you are going to marry women representative of Uruguay are not that important, minor and could be solved during your dating period. One more important question men from abroad who would like to marry woman of Uruguay ask themselves is “What papers I need to marry in Uruguay?

When getting married in Uruguay you have to know:

You will need a passport and the document confirming you were not married before, you are divorced or you are widowed; this document must be apostilled and recognized by Uruguay authorities;

The ceremony will take place or town where one of the future spouses lives;

It is a compulsory to inform and register in advance to the town hall where the wedding ceremony would take place;

Religious ceremony could take place only after the legal marriage ceremony provided by local civil authorities has already taken place;

Marriage in Uruguay is permitted since the age of 16, but if until 18 then parental consist is a compulsory;

To be sure, for more information ask Uruguay embassy in your country or region, they will provide you with detailed list of documents and about all legal procedures you will face up with. All those information will help you to achieve your goal by marrying Uruguay woman.

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