Marriage with Chinese woman – tips for foreigner

Many men are interested in common relations between Chinese girls and foreigners. Today we will try a little satisfy your intellectual hunger and show up some details of the relationship between foreigners and Chinese women. While being in China for a long time you will see hundreds of “alien-Chinese” pairs, but they are ordinary couples. Wedding and marriage of foreigner and Chinese woman comes much less often than dating. Many foreigners who live in China for long period of time usually have several local girls, but for most of them it is hard to point out the one with which they would really like to join their future life.

There is nothing bad in dating, but to take a Chinese woman as wife is not an easy matter. The main problem is the language barrier. You may close your eyes to the shortcomings of appearance or character, but it is hard to believe that you can fully explain yourself to a girl talking and thinking in a foreign language. Especially, if you plan to join life with her. Even worse, when you have to communicate with girlfriend in the mediator language. The quantity and quality of the spoken words suffers greatly. For marriage it is better to choose wife when you are fluent in her language or she is fluent in your language.

A story about the characteristics of Chinese girls would be incomplete without a description of their physical data. Alas, with them it’s all very bad. Someone identifies the types of figures of girls from the north and south of China, but every day on city streets you can see the same thing – the lack of attractive female bodies. It is almost impossible to meet the figurehead Chinese woman.

Someone may ask – what about models and show business stars? First of all, those are very limited. Secondly, the queue for them is for years ahead and the ordinary guy without money and connections has nothing to do there. By the way, it is almost impossible to start some intrigue with real beauties from Shanghai or Beijing – the girls know their own worth. They are not interested in ordinary foreigners. However, a secured foreigner still has chances if he manages to break through the tight cordon of her Chinese fans. Read also: Typical Chinese women characteristics – hottest women in the world?

Often you may become an eyewitness of the situation when a normal foreign guy is dating with a nondescript Chinese woman, barely able to hold up to 1 point out of 10. And there are so many pairs like that. The Chinese themselves often laugh at such relations and they say foreigners are specialists to find themselves “beauties” in China.

How do Chinese women attract foreigners? Everyone has his own reasons. If you have watched too much of anime you have to know sexy and passionate anime beauties and live Chinese women have very little in common. It is possible that Chinese girls are attractive to foreigners primarily by their accessibility. What else can do guys who are not lucky with female attention at home? Do not flatter yourself, all attention will be artificial, unreal. I would also like to add the following. Perhaps, China is now showing signs of success in terms of economic development, but so far this has not been very much reflected in its residents. Local girls have old-fashioned views on life. And they are also openly indiscriminate in fashion. I think that Chinese women are much inferior to Japanese women and Koreans in terms of style. Personally, I would highlight the following advantages of Chinese women as good hair, pretty face and nice teeth.

You can not forget the atmosphere of something exotic, which usually appears after a couple of cocktails and getting to know another cutie in the smoky dusk of the bar. This exciting atmosphere is the main mistake of foreigners in China. All the exotic quickly disappears the next morning. If to be extremely honest in the bed Chinese woman are bad. And this is in the country that gave the world a treatise on love. In most cases, Chinese women build ideas about the relationship from the television shows or Hollywood melodramas, so do not expect to have enchanting oriental sex with Chinese girls. Building relationships based on TV show templates is a real fact in China. But one thing is the show and quite another thing is ordinary life, and when the plot is not on a rolled track, the Chinese woman starts to break into a tantrum. By the way, Chinese women are incredibly hysterical and very fond of rolling up tantrums in public places. Forget the beaten stereotype about the obedience of the oriental beauties – these are just tales for naive tourists who have not yet seen how Chinese couples furiously beat each other in public.

Perhaps you have already heard about the so-called “Laovay Bonus” a bonus for foreigner. Yes, this really is the case. Chinese women continue to believe in fairy tales about beautiful white princes. The greatest preference is given here by English-speaking foreigners. So do not be surprised that some plump guy from the United States will be preferred only because he is American. Pay attention to your appearance and manners. It is also desirable to have at least an average knowledge of English if your native language is different. Do not waste time on rough show-off with demonstration of expensive smartphones and tight wallet. But the art of descent and proper show-off is a good idea, but it is useless to explain as you need certain skills and understanding of the process.

Lovers of relationships for one night can easily organize themselves adventures in Chinese clubs or bars. Here it’s easy. Even the most unattractive foreigners are“in price” here. Undoubtedly, dozens of Chinese women will not rush to a foreigner, but quite a bit of assertiveness and self-confidence and the chances of a nice evening are increasing few times higher. In general it is easy to pick up Chinese woman for night in the club, if, of course, we are not talking about some terribly complexed individuals whom it is difficult to meet in the clubs. In addition, Chinese women are always interested in white foreigners to check whether it is true that all white guys have huge “sausage”. You should not expect for miracles in bed from the Chinese women. Yes, and do not forget about protection, who knows in whose hands was that club girl before.

Many Chinese women sleep and see in a dream marriage with a wealthy foreign husband. A correct game on this desire will always bring a positive result. Perform beautiful deeds, emphasize the seriousness of your intentions and everything will necessarily happen. Do not be guided by the behavior of the touchy. No means no – let her look for another naive foreigner. Already conquered Chinese girl and achieved what you wanted waiting for the next step? Questions about marriage will come from her side more often. And do not forget about tantrums. If you were originally set up for easy relations and the Chinese woman you dated with is hysterical, then getting rid of her will not be easy. Be prepared for constant calls, spam in instant messengers, as well as unexpected visits and hysterical attacks on the door. When you break up with Chinese girl it is possible some sophisticated revenge on her side.

Miracles sometimes happen and maybe someone will manage to meet that same girl. To legalize relations in China is not difficult, it is enough to rely on the lady of the heart and she organizes everything. However, there is one fatty but. Often, an impressive set of close and distant relatives is attached to the Chinese wife. But parents are so holy in general. Be prepared for serious expenses for the wedding and for further contributions for the benefit of your new family; and the poorer her family is the more their appetites are.

And finally about the Chinese wives. Life with Chinese woman is ordinary family routine without frills where sometimes troubles are smaller and sometimes bigger. Want a meek and obedient Chinese wife, take naive Chinese provincial girl for the wife. Urban girls are more demanding and capable of high-quality brain removal. They conduct a housekeeping quite well, but with Chinese characteristics. They love children and care for them, but in accordance with their concepts, therefore, some disagreements are possible. Read also: Tips on dating Chinese women

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