Marriage with Austrian woman – how real it is for foreigner

Marriage is serious issue between relations of man and woman. Is considers many different aspects even when man and woman know each other well enough for years, but it all gets even more complicated when it is going about intercultural marriage – marriage between man and woman from different countries and maybe even continents. In this case we are looking more precisely at marriage between Austrian woman and America, Italian or Russian man as an example.

And it is not only about cultural and mental difference between man and woman that surely has its consequences. It is also not only differences in wedding ceremony, quantity of guests and the way the wedding goes – it is much wider and versatile topic to discuss. But don’t be afraid, if you decided to get married with Austrian woman it probably means that you are dating one already or that you have some subject of adornment. No? Not a problem, as you will surely find one, especially if you will follow some hints that are going to help you.

If your aim is not to get Austrian passport and citizenship via marriage with Austrian woman within some years and your choice is made according to mutual feelings and love, than you are on the right way. Your plan will have a few main topics which would have subtopics and it is better to be familiar with all of it. Firstly, look more precisely at the subject of your love – your Austrian girl. If you just dream to marry her this is not enough and you have to make some steps to make your dream come true. You have to call her interest towards you and get her attention. Then you have to spend more time together, but you have to judge from her reaction whether she liked you or not and if she did not – don’t waste your time for her. Of course, it might be hard if you have real feelings, but it is harsh reality of life and you have to cope with it.

If everything is going ok you will spend more time together. Ask her to go somewhere together on the weekend. If she is local girl and you are new in her city (there is huge possibility it is so if you are foreigner) then ask her to show you the town and go to the cinema or something. But at first you have slightly show her you are interested in her as in the woman, so the relations did not move to the dead end called friend zone. You can make her compliment, but try to do it in suitable way and it should not be vulgar. Remember that Austrian women are quite emancipated and you approach has to be as to equal person. You don’t have to please her too much, but neither showing you are weak person. Show her you are unique, interesting, strong and reliable man with whom it is interesting to spend time together. If your relations will last for long time you will even discuss cultural differences, issues of women’s emancipation in Austria and even more – will laugh at it together and no one is offended. But this is later, and at the very beginning try to be more precise, but deliberate.

When approaching Austrian woman to become your wife, the main thing you need to have is real interest to her called feelings. The second thing to do is to show her that you are interesting as the man and it does not matter you are foreigner or Austrian. The third thing is to make her need your attention – if you do everything right she will call you more often, she will smile when she see you and give you sincere hugs.

If your mutual feelings are strong and there is no personal interest then everything will be alright. Austrian women are very liberate and in a big account it does not matter to them what country are you from, but what kind of person you are. Yes, approach to them might be different, taking into consideration equality and emancipation issues, but in general it is even easier to get attention of Austrian woman. If she sees real partner in you and seriousness of your plans, she would agree to marry you in the future. However, it would not be quick, because “to check” your intentions you will live together under one roof for long time – a few years at least. In Austria so called civil marriage is very popular where there is no official registration and people just live together. One more interesting thing that Austrian woman is quite independent person and she is independent financially, as well. So, she would not wait from you to bring money home, but she would not let you be freeloader as well.

I guess you understand that in this article I have showed you the prototype of relations with descent average Austrian woman whom you could possibly marry if everything goes well, but I didn’t mean fiction marriages and marriages with old Austrian women who are rich and bored and are looking for young guys from other countries to become a lover. This is very different from what I was talking about today in my article.

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