Marriage with Armenian Girl

The theme of religion is very strong in the mind of average Armenian girl and as most of Armenians are Orthodox Christians and Armenian church is one of the oldest confessions in the world, most of Armenian women would like to marry Christian man and if Orthodox Christian is hard to find in America, let it be any other confession, but he has to share the same religious beliefs as she. Why Armenian women are so eager to marry Christian? The answer to this question is very simple: the strongest are reflexes and types of behavior and beliefs you inherited and secured in early childhood and this is exactly what happens to most Armenian girls from the age they are little girls. Most of men in Armenia are Caucasian type; there are almost no Asian people or Afro-American people in Armenia.

Probably, marriage with the person of different nationality would not condemned by young generation, but would be the source of gossips among older people and especially vivid this would be in small towns and villages (in villages such a marriage could be just impossible). If we are talking about marriage of Armenian girl and person belonging to other race, such a marriage could be a trouble in Armenia for both spouses. Such freshly married couple had better move to the county where the fiancée is from, and in case if it is the USA, we have nothing more to talk about, they would move anyway as life there is much prosperous and they would visit Armenian rarely during the time her family celebrates some great holidays of religious holidays. Nevertheless, Armenian women still prefer white man to become future husband rather than men of other nationalities. This is due to the traditionally closed small society, religious beliefs and absence of big amount of foreigners in Armenia so it is hard for Armenian girls to get used to different cultures, beliefs and habits.

Are racial differences so important when I want to find Armenian woman to marry? Wouldn’t I just waste my time visiting Armenia in search of wife if I am not white and could I have some problems in Armenia because of that? Well, this question is often asked in Google by representatives of different nationalities, mostly from the USA. There is no some strict answer to this question as every single case is different and every single Armenian girl is peculiar for sure. For average Armenian girl there are three types of men in life possible and this division is made consciously according to the color of skin or according to the wideness of eyes. According to the religious issue Armenia is Orthodox country, Arabs are not preferred for husbands. Guys with white skin from Europe and the same type of guys from the USA and other rich countries like Australia, Sweden, Denmark, Canada, Norway or Finland have the most chances to find future possible wife in Armenia. Black guys and guys from Asia should not be disappointed as well, as here we are facing general truth, but we are not trying to discourage somebody. Remember, the one who is going to the goal will surely find what he is looking for, so never give up, maybe Armenian girl would consider you exotic type and you will have a chance to start a communication in such a way and because of that you will then have time to think over and start conversation with your new possible girlfriend from Armenia.

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I don’t know what should I advise Asian guys who are looking for future wife in Armenia. Women of this country as well as women of all over the world know what bonus black type of men have and what bonus Asian man on the contrary do not have. I would advise Asian men to be not pushy, but gentle and rich if you want to conquer Armenian girl, win her heart or just take her to bed and then quickly marry her. Try to look up on the Internet for some successful dating of Asian guys and Armenian girls that lead to marriage in the future and maybe such a stories could become a great inspiration to you and will help to provide your own successful life search. Remember, your culture is different, but very interesting, mysterious and unique to Armenians and that could be the key how to get Armenian girl interested in you as a man and future husband.

I assume you are not a young man, if you are looking for wife in Armenia, though, I might be mistaken. Despite the fact Armenian marriages are strong, not taking into consideration many women are unhappy, but afraid of their husbands and got used to serve the husband. This is passed genetically from every woman to woman in Armenia.

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