Marriage peculiarities with Brazilian woman

Let’s say the truth, what is called, in face. Most of Americans and other foreigner are choosing wife from other countries because they not only have some problems with finding wife at home country, but because overseas wife has some advantages over counterpart wife, let’s say it so. If to talk about Brazilian woman, she might have some qualities that are able to make a marriage of average American and average Brazilian unbearable, the same as very optimistic and prominent. Let’s find out more about peculiarities which marriage with Brazilian woman can bring.

We will talk about pleasant and unpleasant as it is part of everyday reality and there is no need to decorate bad things with shades of great and no need to show bad in great light as well. Must disappoint those Americans who are looking for fulfillment of good housewife in the face of Brazilian woman. It is very much possible that she would be from the family where people used to hire serve personal on permanent basis and such wife would never do dishes, laundry or clean the house, I mean – being housewife in traditional understanding, if you are looking for such type. It is also unlikely she would be caring mother in sense of devoting all her free time to child upbringing process – she would demand for nanny. Good thing about Brazilian wife she would be always focused on you as being a couple is very important to her even after children are born. She would still demand common time spending with you. Spending time with children is a separate thing.

Many Americans spend a lot of time searching for Brazilian brides based on their famous Latina beauty, but those men often forget about Latina character and temperament that could be suitable not for every American man. Many things you, American man, consider normal are forbidden to do when your GIRLFRIEND, not yet even a WIFE is Brazilian woman. You can forget about visiting bars with friends, especially those where you can observe girls dancing in explicit manner. Your wife (girlfriend) should be in focus now, otherwise she would really jealous and make you scandals. Those scandals are very Latina emotional with yelling, screaming and even attempts to fight you. Advantage of such Latina character could be passionate sex after you make it up.

Family is a big part in Brazilian society and even if you live in the U.S. with your Brazilian wife, she would devote Skype conversations with family and relatives a lot of time. Consider also visiting her family on major holidays and significant for the family dates. Brazilian woman is used to live within a family and Brazilian society is not individualistic, unlike American society, so take into consideration that your Brazilian wife might have a hard times right after she moved to America, because of lack of family and friends and here you should give her the most support possible at this stage of common relationships. Read also: Why Brazilian women are popular as brides among Americans?

Brazilian wife likes to rule family expenses. She hopes the family budget to be common and if you have some money for your own expenses, hiding it from your wife, she will be offended and most likely make you famous Latina type scandal.

Although Brazilian wives like to control, to be in charge of what is going on in the family, they like when they feel protected by the strong man beside. They like when husband makes them feel protected. Show this feature of real male more often, no matter how it is expressed – by your earnings, physical strengths, muscles or other ways, just be a “real man” for your Brazilian wife in traditional understanding.

Marriage with Brazilian woman depends on what kind of woman you were married to. She might be from poor family of rich family and that factor has even more influence that the national differences and cultural peculiarities. Take that into account. But no matter what family your Brazilian wife comes from – poor or rich, most likely she would be religious person, attending church on Sundays and holidays. You might even hear a demand of her parents when you first meet them to support their daughter in religious procedures and visit church with her – and you have to be ready for that as well as your seeing of the world might be completely different and when someone forces you doing something against your will even in a slight manner, it might call dissonance and hidden aggression in you. Read also: Tips you must know when dating Brazilian girl

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