Marriage peculiarities when your wife is Belgian woman

Marriage with Belgian woman is a good stimulus for self development and creating happy and successful family. But as everything worthy in this life, it is rarely accessible without efforts and spending of your own energy, tries and mistakes. I would like to welcome you on the start of not easy, but interesting way called marriage with Belgian woman.

If you are looking for Belgian Bride you have to know there Belgian society is a little conservative unlike to what we used in free Europe. Of course, this conservatism is not as strong as, for example, in The U.K., but still you have to learn some norms and rules of behavior in Belgian family and in Belgian society in general. If you are going to marry woman from Belgium, most likely the wedding would be in Belgium and I is one more reason for you to learn something about Belgian wedding ceremony and family traditions.

You already assume that marriage with woman who lives in one of the most prosperous countries of old Europe might be not an easy goal to achieve. You start thinking about such things like behavior of Belgian women, emancipation of Belgian women, independence of Belgian women… You think so much and all those different thoughts just ruin your possible happiness and distort reality. Stop thinking! You probably have met pretty Belgian girl and since you are here it is reasonable to suppose you are dating her and the next step you would like is to make her a proposal. But you are afraid of her reaction and you afraid to be rejected. Maybe you are from some exotic country and afraid it might be a reason of her rejection. Maybe there is some other reason. Forget about all there factors as there is you and her and nothing more. All the obstacles we create in our mind. If the girl likes you and you like her, if you have mutual relationships – it is the main thing to create ground relations. You are wise guy and you will not hurry to make a proposal, but if you have a long time lasting relations and you feel this is the time – make it! Read also: What I must know dating Belgians?

What about those guys who has not found their Belgian love, but inspired by the experience of other people would like to have one? Well, I’ll repeat myself once more again – nationality and citizenship does not matter when it is going about love and relations. When your feelings are pure it does not matter she is from Austria or Thailand. Well, if you are staying in Belgium for some long period of life it is natural that you can find Belgian girlfriend and even wife as it is the matter of time and luck, but also your efforts and your personal charm and ability to interest women/girls.

Imagine all the difficulties are behind your back, you have found Belgian girlfriend, tried out your relationships by common living for a few years, made a proposal, she agreed and here it comes – the wedding ceremony in Belgium. The next information might be addressed not for you exactly, because you have already found out from your girlfriend or elsewhere how it is going to be, but the other guys are interested, don’t you guys? J

The wedding ceremony in Belgium remind some usual celebration. Wedding in Belgium is not as colorful as wedding in Serbia, that is for sure. People have  official registration and move to the restaurant. If the family is religious, before the restaurant family goes to the church and gets blessing for the future common life. There is nothing really special in the restaurant, where people are eating, drinking, dancing. The thing is that many marriages are conducted in Belgium by people who are often over 40 and this is not a crazy wild party full of youth. This definitely influences the way how the celebration is held.

Peculiar thing of Belgian wedding is traditions that could be even cruel even though it is quite conservative European country. For example, it turns out, that among the Flemish youth are common stupid jokes. For example, during the wedding they remove the wheels from the car and hide it somewhere and newlyweds can’t get anywhere. Or they can put the entire staircase to the dwelling with glasses of water close to each other and newlyweds could not get to their floor after the banquet for few hours. Imagine how much time you need to get rid of glasses with water and how pissed you will be if you are just married and get such a “surprise”. Or friends cut down the main switch in the basement and grease the steps with something slippery. One guy died after his own wedding when he went to turn on the light and broke his neck.

How are Belgian women as wives?

Again, it all depends on the particular woman, but you can think of it from the angle of equality, femininity and emancipation. Belgian women are not bad housewives, but you have to be ready to share all the house duties with your wife. Every Belgian woman leaves herself a place for personal development and personal space- a good news is that you are going to get your own one if you didn’t have, but you have to be ready not interfere your wife to be alone when she needs it. Life with Belgian wife is interesting, you both share responsibilities and duties and both enjoy your time – together and by your own when it is devoted to something that only you or your wife like. Many foreign men have welcome reviews about common life with Belgian wife. Read also: Women and men in Belgium

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