Marriage in Venezuela – choosing an exotic wife?

Before you get married in Venezuela, let’s find out why so many American men are seeking for wife in Venezuela? First of all, Venezuelan women are pretty, one of the prettiest girls in the world, actually. Venezuelan women are very caring and family oriented. Venezuelan women are passionate with hot Latina temperament. One of the main points which I would like to highlight is that Americans choose Venezuelan woman for wife, because Venezuelans have European origin, the same as Americans and they are both mentally closer to each other; if men go to Asian Thailand for sex they go to Latin American Venezuela for marriage. Well, it is my assumption and my point as I see it and you may think differently. I am not saying all Thai women are bad and all Venezuela women are great; there are different types of women in every culture, of course. However, our topic is Marriage with Venezuelan woman, so let’s focused more on it.

Visiting the website of Venezuelan embassy you understand marriage in this country is serious issue, read only some of these words “Marriage in Venezuela must comply with the laws set forth in the Civil Code. No marriage can be conducted in Venezuelan territory unless it complies with the laws of Venezuela”. What is VERY surprising, it is the age since which you can be married in Venezuela. In order to be legally married, females must be at least fourteen (14) years of age, and males must be at least sixteen (16) years of age. Wow, that is the lowest legal age of marriage I have ever seen; probably it is so because of local Indigenous people who live in Venezuela, or according to traditions, I am not sure. However, parties under 18 years of age cannot contract a marriage without the written consent of their parents.

One more point, marriage must be conducted of the free will of both spouses (probably the opposite had happened often).

In Venezuela you can be married at the civil office and get the Marriage Certificate. Before that, at least 8 days prior to the marriage ceremony those documents are needed:

– Marriage License prepared by the official.

– An affidavit (fijación de carteles) prepared by the official, where the couple express their desire to marry.

– A certified copy of the birth certificates of the future spouses, which should not be issued more than six months before the date in which the marriage will be conducted.

– Documents confirming the legal termination of any prior marriages, by either death or divorce, if applicable.

A U.S. citizen can only be married in Venezuela before the appropriate Venezuelan government official and by complying with all of the formalities set forth by Venezuelan law.

In addition to all other requirements, American citizens desiring to marry in Venezuela must also present the following:

– Certified Copy of their birth certificate with an apostille from the U.S. State of issuance.

– A Notarized Affidavit stating Proof of Marital Status (Carta de Soltería), translated into Spanish by an official Interpreter. This Affidavit must contain the U.S. citizen’s full name, date of birth, place of birth, identification number, and state that they are not married, or no longer married, i.e. divorce or death.

– Current Passport and Venezuelan Visa (if applicable) as well as a copy of the biographical page of the passport and of the current visa.

– Venezuelan identification card (original and copy) if applicable

– Two to four witnesses, depending on the local requirements where the ceremony takes place.

As you see, marriage with Venezuelan woman is not that easy procedure, but we all know all what we got working hard on is priceless for us, or at least much more valuable then that what we’ve got easy. The same is here with Venezuelan women for marriage – the way is not easy, but the reward would cost all you efforts; so, don’t hesitate and do the first step on the way of multicultural marriage with girl from Venezuela.

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