Mail order brides from Belarus: worth or not?

It all depends whether you come across descent service or find website or application where the main aim is only to take your money. First of all you have to understand that mail order bride from Belarus is expensive service even if you find descent Belarusian or international agency which will truly provide you with all needed services. So, if you think that mail order bride from Belarus is good choice, because it is quick, modern, and gives fast results at reasonable for you price and you are ready to spend this “reasonable money” than it is worth for you to use such a service.

Belarus mail order service is good choice because you may choose the girl you liked from the profile quickly and it is not that expensive. The only problem you may face up with is that your spouse will not speak English and you will need to use the translator which also charges you for money, but more important here is not the price, but when your romantic and sincere feelings are open to other person who translates them the way she/he wants. So it is better to visit Belarus as quick as possible and try to communicate with local girls who speak English, even if you are using services of Belarusian mail order bride agency and it costs much more than communication through the website – you will see the girl live, try to talk to her and maybe you will find common language even without translator. Because if you come across scam agency you will communicate with one girl and when there will be the time to visit Belarus it will appear that the girl from the picture and the girl in reality are two different persons.

As for me the only plus of using mail order bride services for finding Belarusian bride is that these women already know what they want from this life – marriage with foreigner.

Cons of such services are their price – the services are very expensive and not only the open price you see at first, but also other hidden at first fees and costs. Besides you will have to pay extra money even when you will come to visit your chosen one in Belarus – for taxi, for presents, for dinner in the restaurant.

How to understand that this particular Belarusian mail order bride is a bad choice?

If the girl demands money from you directly. If after coming to Belarus you have met another girl than that whom you were chatting with. If the girl asks you directly for presents. If the girl orders the most expensive dishes at the restaurant that even for you, as American, are way too expensive. If the girl is telling you sad stories she has sick brother or other member of the family who needs help for the operation. In most cases you are able to feel the lie intuitively, but under mask of new emotions and mental and cultural shock you are confused and unable to take reality objectively.

That is why the best advice before using Belarusian mail order bride services is to visit Belarus in advance, as the tourist and try to understand the way the life flows in Belarus. You will get to know people and mentality better, it will help you to accommodate in the country. You will see that Belarus does not seem that poor. It looks alright, it is just people get low wages and some (or many) prefer to leave the country because it is hard to survive here for the money they earn. Being in Belarus you will understand there are many things for free and you do necessarily have to pay for communication with Belarusian girl. Maybe while staying in Belarus you will find new friends and even girlfriend? Who knows… If you still would like to use mail order bride service, such earlier trip to Belarus would not be bad thing to do.

No one says that mail order bride services are bad. No. Modern world is developing quickly and offers people new ways of communication and finding bride or fiancé online. It is a demand of time in our busy and stressful world where most of people do not have time for personal life. It is just good to know described above tips which can make your choice more secured and reasonable. And in general, I hate to hear things like: “I am so busy I don’t have time to find girlfriend”. Then I want to ask you WHAT ARE YOU LIVING FOR? What are you working for? You have to live the way life bring you happiness – you have to work, to have rest, to have time for you otherwise you will get sick, get depression and as the final result you will spend few month at the hospital if not worse. So, if you have such a stressful job – f**ck it. Take $10000, buy a plane ticket and go to Belarus. Buy there a house in the village for $1000, spent $2000 more for repair works and the rest will be enough to live happily for the whole year doing nothing! During this time you are welcome to do everyday meditation, house work, physical exercises and make everyday trips to the forest and lake. You will be able to find who you are, to find some sense in this life. Isn’t it better than being office rat in NY just like anyone else getting tons of stress everyday? Start with yourself and the bride will wait for you in real life. If you are alright with yourself you usually do not need to use mail order bride services although it is my personal opinion.

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